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The Top Five Awesomes of Being Booked Out

The Top Five Awesomes of Being Booked Out

The after-effects of getting booked out are various and splendiferous. One of my clients today was talking about how being booked out meant she was ready to raise her rates. Which illuminated how different life was before and after you have some client-security.

Life after THE CHANGE:

1. Raising your prices
That’s right. You’re in demand, overlord, which means you can raise your rates now. Consider this your level-up moment!


2. Sleeping SO deeply.
Ahhhh, the sleep of the booked out is one of the finest things in life. Sayonara, 2am money-stress wake-ups!


3. Having more time for fun.
I started doing amateur stand-up comedy. What are you going to do? (Oh your poor neglected hobbies are going to love this.)


4. Being able to reinvest in your business.
The sweet satisfaction of buying a new laptop and signing on for a website rebrand. I’m a BALLER NOW, INTERNET!


5. Having a wait-list
It calms down my money-based anxiety to know there are people eager to work with me (so much so they let me know their names and emails). If I ever have client spots open up, I send off an email and they fill up again. MAGIC!


How do you dream life will be different once you’re booked more than a month in advance?


P.S. I can teach you how to get booked out with the Wait-List Me! Workshop. Click here to secure your ticket!

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The Things You Need Before I Can Get You Booked Out

What you need to do before getting booked out

The past few months I’ve been refining my techniques for getting clients booked out.  There are definitely requirements to make the strategies and advice work.


Here’s what you need first before we can work together (or you attend a workshop!):


A solid business idea.
There’s this nebulous time in starting a business where you change WHAT you wanna do every week – one week a sales strategist, the next a business coach, and the week after a graphic designer. 100% normal. But if this is you, save your money and work with someone like Rebecca Tracey (her Uncage Your Business program looks like the right fit).


Double check your idea.
Work with a few clients. (If you need help getting them – let them know.) There’s another layer of idea testing that comes with your first couple of clients. After working with your first few the majority find they wanna do something else and start over. Crucial to your evolution.


Commitment to progress.
I have yet to work with a client who isn’t committed but this needs to be talked about. If you’re only semi-invested in your business you’ll give up at the slightest bump. This does not a business owner make. You need to be committed to the times that suck and the times that rock. You’ll see solutions vs exits.


Website and content.
It doesn’t have to be perfect but you need a website that has a professional feel (even if you paid dimes for it). Plus the better your content the easier to get you more clients.


Friendly web presence.
One of the best tools is to talk to people in FB groups. It allows you to meet new people who you’d like to work with and develop relationships. I can help you if you’re brand new but it’ll take longer to gain traction if you haven’t made any online friends.




You DON’T need this before we get you booked out:


Millions of subscribers, followers or likers. 
These numbers are great but not necessary to be booked out for services.


Being in business for X number of years. 
I’ve been in business for a year and I’m booked out 6 months in advance. You don’t need to suffer before you succeed. There’s no minimum amount of time.


A million bucks.
Grab yourself a ticket for the workshop that gets you booked out for (comparative) pennies.


P.S. Meet the requirements? Come to the workshops! Click here to grab yours now and let’s make business fun again.



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The Truth about Your “Working While Traveling” Dream

working while traveling is bullshit

I spent my cubicle dungeon days dreaming of traveling the world with a laptop and nary a care… And rolling in some serious bank notes.

Then Reality slapped me in the face, told me to, ‘Get down from that baby elephant, right NOW, missy!’ and made me wanna break ALL THE THINGS in frustration.

My bf and I spent two months traveling the world when my full-time business was brand spanking new. Spoiler: trying to type a post on an iPad while drenched in enough Thai sweat to make a fish feel ‘too wet’ is no good.

Clearly, these are first world problems.

But when someone sells you the idea of bopping from continent to continent all whilst maintaining status quo they are lying! LIES.

Because if you’ve spent 12 hours a day x 7 days a week working hard. Only to get on a plane and find out that you can’t savor eating arancini in Florence then what was the point?

The ideal? Is to create a business that you can walk away from for a couple of weeks and know that your clients still feel special, the blog keeps pumping out content, and your business keeps growing.


Here’s how you can make the working/traveling conundrum work:


Try planning for a home base.
If you’re hopping from place to place every few days, it’ll be hard to work. It seems like a lot of people who travel and work successfully are those who stay in one place for a month or longer then move again.

Ride the goddamn elephant.
Make your travel the priority. Your experiences are why you started this business so if you can’t enjoy them, what’s the point?

Delegate and hire out.
There’s a lot to do with your business. Try hiring a VA to manage your emails and clients or get a CRM that automatically sends out emails while you’re trekking thru the Brazilian jungles or clacking thru the Roman cobblestones. Your clients are your top business priority.

Book clients for when you get back.
Not during. You’re not going to find it fun to hunt wi-fi down desperately in the middle of the Mongolian hills nor try and conduct a Skype call whilst holding your laptop above your head screaming, “Can you hear me now?!?”

Involve your clients in the travel.
How about taking snaps and involving your clients in your travels? Put them up on Instagram to show them where you are/what you’re doing. Even include a hashtag for them to see the journey. Although unplugging is best, it’s nice to let your clients/possible clients have a insider’s peek into your life (edited of course).

Limit your workload.
Do not commit to anything that takes a lot of computer time. Pretend for the next few weeks that you don’t want to work at all. What would be on your to-do list?


What’s been your experience working while traveling? Yay or nay?


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How to Revitalize Your Lagging Launch

What to do with your lagging launch

Quite a few of my clients come to me needing help with their launches. Most often they’re in the middle of a launch and it’s not going well… Sign-ups are few and far between, and no matter the amount of traffic they drive to their sites via guest posts or interviews… the results are not encouraging. The most common problem is that YOU think you’ve talked about your new thing a lot but actually you haven’t or at least not in the right way.

The Wait-List Me! Workshops launch got left behind because I re-prioritized The League of Business Badasses as the more time-sensitive launch. Now that we’re a few weeks away from the Brooklyn workshop I need to revitalize the lagging launch.

Lagging Launch Syndrome (and how to overcome it):

First step – DATA time!

Take a look at the following:

# of blog posts around your launch.

# of sign-ups.

# of social media posts.


Wait-List Me! Workshop data:

1 blog post.

5 sign-ups (for all 4 workshops – leaving 35 tickets to sell).

17 on Twitter, 6 on Facebook, and 1 on Pinterest.


Second step – EVALUATE! 

Looking at the blog post numbers do you have approximately:

7 blog posts.

If not, then you need to write more content around your launch particularly around the obstacles stopping your peeps from buying it. Writing content is essential for moving a launch along.


Wait-List Me! Workshop evaluation:

With only one blog post it’s obvious that I need to beef up the content around this launch. I’ll put posts out that answer the main questions around the workshops: what to expect, the benefits of workshops over online services, who it’s for, what the day will be like, how to plan your own workshop, what you’ll need to get the most out of the day, and so on.


Sign-ups – getting 5 sign-ups from one post is stellar. I’m happy with those numbers so far.


Social media posts – the more you talk about something the better. The number of social media blasts I’ve put out around the workshops isn’t enough.


Third step – Call-to-actions. 

These are crucial to a lagging launch’s success.


Wait-List Me! Workshop call-to-actions:

I thought most people would want to book their ticket a couple months in advance but like most things people like to buy last minute. I’ll do a countdown in the days before it closes to encourage last-minute deciders to buy.

I’ll also have a call-to-action at the end of the upcoming blog posts to get readers used to the idea of buying a ticket and increase their engagement.

Call-to-actions are crucial and I didn’t have a clear one at the end of my intro post so I’ve added one – “Tickets are limited and this is the only way to work with me on getting booked out before January 2015. Click here to buy your ticket now”. By adding that one phrase it should help sales.


Fourth step –  Sales copy.

The magic sauce of launches. You need to have certain information in your launch to make it successful.


Wait-List Me! Workshop sales copy:

I’ve been neglectful by not adding in the special sauce for my launch. Sales copy points I need to add in would be:

  • limited number of spots. At the end of the day I can only work with 10 people at each workshop.
  • limited edition – I might never run these workshops again. Hearing that can be a persuasive reason to get a ticket.
  • access to myself: if you want me to help you get booked out this is the only way to do so before January 2015.
  • ROI: you get more than you put in. Even if my clients are booked out a month in advance that’s about $2,000 – $5,000 making the $400 ticket price well worth it.


A lagging launch is no big deal if you give it the proper attention.

P.S. Wanna buy a workshop ticket (for DC, Portland or San Fran)?

Click here to buy your ticket! Spots are limited. ;)


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