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25 Reasons Why Your Marketing isn't Creating Profit
Marketing is in every little thing you do and your business cannot thrive without it.  
Most freelancers, coaches, designers come into business because they're EXTREMELY good at something - writing copy, healing the past, or picking pixels - but what brings in those much needed clients?
Marketing. Always marketing.
Doesn't matter if it's word-of-mouth, social, content, or email marketing they all add up to one thing.
But it's not enough to do this stuff you need to have a bigger strategy that connects them all and turn them into being clients. 
The best way to do that is by making sure your everyday marketing actions are actually essential. I've outlined the 25 ways I see consultants, designers, and copywriters miss the crucial mark with getting clients in the door. 

Here are 25 reasons why your marketing is letting you (and your bank account) down.

1. You don’t tell people what to do.
Your younger brother might have hated it but when it comes to marketing you need to tell people what to do. “Sign up below.” “Leave a comment.” 

2. You don’t have a clear audience/reader in your content.
It’s reader catnip to read articles, watch videos or listen to podcasts that are CLEARLY intended for a specific sort of person. 

3. You don’t have an above the fold newsletter sign up.
Swear to Cthulu, if you make it hard to sign up to your newsletter you might as well burn it. Above the fold refers to the first bit of website you see, can you see your newsletter sign up form?  

4. You call your newsletter a “newsletter”. 
You’re creative. Use synonyms or innuendos. Hire a copywriter. 

5. Your opt-in is something your threw up with no clear goal in mind.
Your opt-in should be the first step in your marketing funnel. What’s the first thing they need to do before working with you?

6. You have no prices on your sales page.
When there are no prices the brain thinks “too expensive for me” and then walks away.

7. Your home page has no clear focus.
It’s a sales page for your business. Make the real estate count.

8. Your about page doesn’t tell people how you can help them.
Gotta sell you before you can sell anything else.

9. Your newsletter only gets used once a month. 
Those peeps love your face and you’re hiding from them. Sad face.

10. You send out a newsletter with six different pieces of content.
Everyone has the attention span of cracked-out hamsters nowadays. Keep it simple and get more success.

11. You don’t have your availability publicly stated.
People love limited resources. It makes them feel exclusive and important. 

12. Your services aren’t specific.
“An one month coaching agreement that talks about your wellness.” Specify already. For one problem there are dozens of solutions, tell us which one you’re offering. 

13. You don’t have a marketing funnel in place.
Not everyone will want to buy the $5,000 package straight out. Create trust by offering a variety of services so that they can slowly buy the more and more expensive packages.

14. You’ve tapped out your audience. 
Happens to everyone. Start guest posting and meeting new people online.

15. Your content is full of  “I”s and not enough “you”s. 
Your audience wants to hear about themselves. You need to reflect them in your writing.

16. Your sales page is really long.
No one wants to struggle to spend money, they want to enjoy the experience. Make it easy by telling them what they need to know to buy.

17. Your sales page has one buy now button.

Ever given a successful ultimatum? Yeah, me neither. 

That’s what the one buy now button at the end of your sales page is. Have multiple opportunities to buy in your sales page.

18. You don’t use Twitter and Periscope (B2B) or Facebook and Instagram (B2C).
These are prime tools for reaching your audience, get on there already. 

19. There’s no generosity in your business.
A successful business gives more than it takes. Marketing is all about that. How can you help before you ask?

20. You make stuff that you think people SHOULD want, not stuff the people around you actually want.
Pretend you’re making a gift. Would you buy them socks because they need them and SHOULD want them or that ring/shoes/app that they’ve been wanting for ages?

21. You apologize for not writing.
This is more of a pet peeve. Never apologize for taking time off from your blog. Just get back into it and schedule posts in advance so you have breathing room.

22. You think no one wants to buy what you’re selling.
Well, friend, you are wrong. So kick the emotions out the door and get out there.

23. You spend a lot of time/energy/resources planning out a complicated launch.
Nope, all you need is a sales page, a few blog posts and some social media promos. You’re welcome.

24. You don’t take the time to see how your thing changes the buyer’s life for the better.
A haircut is not just a haircut, it is a million dollar deal secured, a “yes” to a date, and head held high. Don’t discount the magic that your thing can create for the right person.

25. You think you’re alone.
Hell no! I’ve got your back - you can join me and the 1,000 other smart entrepreneur/freelancer/coach/coypwriters/designers/VAs in our free Facebook group. 

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