The #1 Mistake All Client-Based Businesses are Making (and How to Fix It)

Online business is like the Wild Wild West (not the one made of animatronics) because the rules out here are loose, fast, and if treated wrong, deadly (to your profits).

You’ve set up your storefront and been polishing your sign (or running around in circles freaking) because where the fuck are the clients?

Grab a tumbleweed and sit down.

The #1 Mistake All Client-Based Business are Making Online

Here’s the one BIG mistake I see all client-based businesses making. 

Not launching their services.

You need to LAUNCH your services to get the high-paying clients in your doors and get booked out. Click To Tweet

Don’t wait for the clients to come to you, bring them to you with your words.


That’s the key factor that’s allowed me to grow – double, then quadruple – my business over the years. From anything between 2k of sessions in 72 hours to 36k of clients in 2 weeks, launches have the ability to fill up your business for months in advance.

The average Jo/Joy/Joe doesn’t care about your packages. It’s your job to make the right peeps give a shit with your marketing.

A launch educates and excites your potential clients to make buying a pleasure. Click To Tweet

What is a launch?

It’s a dedicated set of blog posts/Instagram posts/newsletter emails/etc over a specific period of time with one goal: to sell a certain number of your coaching/design/copywriting packages.

How the eff do I launch my services?

  • Launch your most expensive/top-level service first.

Buying a $$$ package becomes so much easier once they’ve gotten stirred up about the $$$$ package. Always go from high to low when presenting your offers.

  • Decide on the length of your launch.

I’ve had equal success with short (72 hours) and long launches (2 weeks) when it comes to services. For higher level services I’d recommend starting with the 2-week launch to get your feet wet.

  • Remember who you’re talking to.

Your top-level service is for a different person then your entry-level offer. Remember how those two clients are different and how you’ve created something to fit their different wants. You’re going to use that in your content.

  • Engineer the content.

Content = social media posts, blog posts, videos, cartoons, etc. All of these need to work together to answer the following:

  1. How will this change your client’s business/life?
  2. How could they take the first step without you?
  3. Will it work for them? Have you done this?
  4. What should they expect?
  5. Why’d you put it together this way?
  6. What’s the big picture they need to see?

The fundamental role of all your posts/videos is to lower hesitations and resolve obstacles for the person buying. You need to step into their Hannibal Lector snack and see the world from their eyes.

  • Sales page.

Each offer should have its own sales page. That helps to keep the reader’s focus and increase the likelihood of them buying it.

  • Tell them.

All of this extraordinary learning they’re doing is worthless without wrapping it up with what they should do next. Examples are: ‘Pop your email in and I’ll send you a free workbook’, ‘Click here to secure your spot’, ‘Go here to learn more.’ The human brain loves being told what to do because it makes the decision-making process easier – yes or no.

  • Get your tech sorted.

My fave way of selling services is Satori + my WordPress site. Satori allows you to set up packages (vs ## of calls) and it’ll take care of the scheduling, payments, contracts, call reminders, questionnaires with one click. I copy/paste the button code, slap it on my sales page, and I’m good to sell.

  • Schedule it.

All this work can be done ahead of time, that way you show up to answer questions and do scopes live to let people know about it. Definitely schedule the social media content in advance for sanity’s sake.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in or how long you’ve been in business, you gotta launch. I go into greater detail about launching your packages (you can unlock that here).

Launching your packages is a crucial part of my method for getting you booked in advance.

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  • Grab a tumbleweed and sit down! (Got my humor fix for the day)

    Do you find that you have more “DAMN!” moments (where you forgot something extremely important) with the 72 hr launches?

    • Hey NiaSweetz! Nope. It’s heaps easier to do the 72 hour launch. Most peeps overcomplicate launching. I find I keep adding tasks to my to-do list with longer launches.

      Halley Gray
  • This is brilliant, practical and empowering advice – thank you!

  • I’m currently in a longer launch (10 days) and already I feel like shorter launches are the way to go for me. My last launch was created promtoted and happening live all within 6 days, and it rocked! I did that launch based off some of your content Halley. I can’t wait til #BBO starts!

    • YAS! Well longer launches *can* be great but I find they rarely produce better results for my clients. Usually they exhaust their audience and end up tapping themselves out for not so great results. I think longer launches work better with courses/programs vs services.

      Halley Gray
  • Not launching my services earlier has really destroyed me in terms of self-esteem. Not many people realized what I did until I told them so it’s a huge shock for some people. That is my downfall as an entrepreneur and it’s kicking me in the behind. I hate it but I’m pushing forward anyway, telling as many people as I can about what I do. Better late than never, right?

  • Thank you Halley for this FAB post, this is what I’m working on now totally needed to read this

    Lyn Marie

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