5 Reasons Why Your Sales Page isn’t Getting You New Clients

Blank nothingness staring back.

Rambly shaky wheezing in your ear.

Constructing a sales page can feel like getting your finger nails pulled out one by one. Agonizing.

The worst part is that is how it feels to read sales pages that were written feeling that way. When you don’t have a logical progression of how to craft a sales page they usually trigger the following:


Now the last one I can’t help with (try The Goog) but the others I can.

These thoughts are 1. Bullshit and 2. Easily conquered by having a method you can fall back on.

I cover the full method that works in my newly revamped Written Gold – the sales page course to end all sales page rambling – (get it here).

Here are the top 5 reasons why your method of writing your sales page isn’t securing you new clients while you nap.

     1. Rambly AF

It takes you too long to introduce your service and what it does. I know this because most people think they can ‘sneak’ what they’re selling into a sales page and it’ll make people feel ‘safer’ since it’s not ‘in their face’. All of this makes for a rambly sales page that takes ages to get to the point. You want to be up front with your reader about what you’re selling so they can connect the dots, get comfortable with the price, and pull the trigger on working with you. That can’t happen if you take ages to show them your solution.

Point for you: Introduce your service/package by the third paragraph at the latest.

      2. Vague AF

You’re writing your sales page for the WHOLE internet. Hoping and praying that you’ll net a client. But the        same way a fisherman chooses the right lure for a specific type of fish, you need to get specific about who you’re writing to and what their goals, wants, and troubles look like.

Point for you: You need to pick one person and write your sales page specifically for them.

       3. Hard AF

You must be a pro at Easter egg hiding because girl, you’re hiding your buy now buttons like they’re made of milk chocolate. Buying should be easy. If your reader finds buying from you hard, they’ll just walk away. No questions, no emails, no asking, because if it’s hard to buy from you then it’s hard to work with you.

Point for you: Make your MANY buy now buttons big, loud, and proud so they’re easy to spot.

       4. Trying AF

You spend 4 paragraphs rambling on about why your reader needs your service. That’s not convincing. Being succinct with your ideas and what you’re selling conveys more confidence, confidence increases trust, and trust makes sales.

Point for you: Condense your main points into a couple of sentences.

      5. Lonely AF

If you’re the only way harping on about how magnificent your package is and why the reader should buy it, your sales page comes across as weak. Get other people (preferably past clients but friends/beta testers will work too) to give you a strong testimonial that backs up the results that you’re selling. It’s meaty and enthralling to have other people sing your praises with you than you singing solo.

Point for you: Have testimonials on your sales page to make it stronger and back up what you’re saying.

I’ve put together my tried and true method into Written Gold course so that you no longer need to worry, and let’s start getting you more clients.

Yeah, so I wanted to get booked out and … guess what? It fucking worked. Halley knows her shit. Do it!

It fucking worked.

Yeah, so I wanted to get booked out and … guess what? It fucking worked. Halley knows her shit. Do it!

Natalia Real

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