5 Reasons Why Your Sales Page isn’t Getting You New Clients

Blank nothingness staring back.

Rambly shaky wheezing in your ear.

Constructing a sales page can feel like getting your finger nails pulled out one by one. Agonizing.

The worst part is that is how it feels to read sales pages that were written feeling that way. When you don’t have a logical progression of how to craft a sales page they usually trigger the following:


Now the last one I can’t help with (try The Goog) but the others I can.

These thoughts are 1. Bullshit and 2. Easily conquered by having a method you can fall back on.

I cover the full method that works in my newly revamped Written Gold – the sales page course to end all sales page rambling – (get it here).

Here are the top 5 reasons why your method of writing your sales page isn’t securing you new clients while you nap.

     1. Rambly AF

It takes you too long to introduce your service and what it does. I know this because most people think they can ‘sneak’ what they’re selling into a sales page and it’ll make people feel ‘safer’ since it’s not ‘in their face’. All of this makes for a rambly sales page that takes ages to get to the point. You want to be up front with your reader about what you’re selling so they can connect the dots, get comfortable with the price, and pull the trigger on working with you. That can’t happen if you take ages to show them your solution.

Point for you: Introduce your service/package by the third paragraph at the latest.

      2. Vague AF

You’re writing your sales page for the WHOLE internet. Hoping and praying that you’ll net a client. But the        same way a fisherman chooses the right lure for a specific type of fish, you need to get specific about who you’re writing to and what their goals, wants, and troubles look like.

Point for you: You need to pick one person and write your sales page specifically for them.

       3. Hard AF

You must be a pro at Easter egg hiding because girl, you’re hiding your buy now buttons like they’re made of milk chocolate. Buying should be easy. If your reader finds buying from you hard, they’ll just walk away. No questions, no emails, no asking, because if it’s hard to buy from you then it’s hard to work with you.

Point for you: Make your MANY buy now buttons big, loud, and proud so they’re easy to spot.

       4. Trying AF

You spend 4 paragraphs rambling on about why your reader needs your service. That’s not convincing. Being succinct with your ideas and what you’re selling conveys more confidence, confidence increases trust, and trust makes sales.

Point for you: Condense your main points into a couple of sentences.

      5. Lonely AF

If you’re the only way harping on about how magnificent your package is and why the reader should buy it, your sales page comes across as weak. Get other people (preferably past clients but friends/beta testers will work too) to give you a strong testimonial that backs up the results that you’re selling. It’s meaty and enthralling to have other people sing your praises with you than you singing solo.

Point for you: Have testimonials on your sales page to make it stronger and back up what you’re saying.

I’ve put together my tried and true method into Written Gold course so that you no longer need to worry, and let’s start getting you more clients.

Yeah, so I wanted to get booked out and … guess what? It fucking worked. Halley knows her shit. Do it!

It fucking worked.

Yeah, so I wanted to get booked out and … guess what? It fucking worked. Halley knows her shit. Do it!

Natalia Real

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Relaunch of The Six + The Six Plan

How does doubling, tripling, or quadrupling your launch sales sound? Find out how to accomplish your launch sales goals with Halley Gray + The Six.Your Profit and Loss statement makes you sigh wistfully and feel like you just got one of those ‘good try’ trophies all the softball kids get.

You know your program or course is a winner, it made 50% of your revenue last year! It’s a freaking beast but it’s caged up by your poorly constructed launch plan.

Launching isn’t instinctive, it’s calculated, and pure in its success.

You’re relying more and more on next month’s revenue to compensate so you can hit your high 6 or 7 figure revenue goals.

Stop playing yourself.

There’s no grand miracle coming. You’re just doing the same thing over and over again till you hope something breaks open.

Now this is where you say, “But Halley, I made 250k last year, that shit ain’t shabby.”

High-five! Quarter mill ain’t nothing to sneeze at but how long have you been making the same amount? If it’s been more than 2 years then test results are in, you’re stagnant.

If you’re not growing you’re going extinct.

Here’s your antidote.

Introducing The Six.

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The Six is a 3 month 1-1 launch consultation package that gives you the full launch plan, timeline, and materials you need to increase your results every time you relaunch.

What you get:

  • Custom launch plan and materials
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  • Live webinar coaching
  • Launch + metrics report
  • 3 x 60 minute support calls
  • 1 x follow up call
  • Custom launch plan (emails, blog posts, social media, incentives)

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Enter: The Six Plan

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What you get with The Six Plan:

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Copywriting Client Missing Payments? Hell No.

Signed, sealed, and delivered. Your first or 30th client is on your books, you’ve done the questionnaires, filled out the notes, and started drafting their sales page.

The start of every relationship is like the inaugural lick of an ice cream cone – flawless and defies physics – but give it a little time and shit gets messy quick. (No napkin can win against gravity.)

All human relationships are bound by emotional entropy Click To Tweet – they break apart if not given constant energy to maintain them.

Which you already know especially if you’ve been living with other humans/been in a relationship/looked at another person.

It always feels like this in the beginning:

bitch better have my money

And then you realize their payment is 21 days overdue and your rent needs to go out NOW.

Bitch better have my money


Check your redrum rage and let’s dig into this situation because it’s never as simple as it seems.

I genuinely believe all clients want to pay you on time and in full. That’s been my experience every time and I’ve yet to meet the Douchicorn that proves otherwise.

They’re usually people who are dealing with clients themselves, lack of carbs, or country-hopping.

But bitch needs to give you your money for this relationship to work.

Here’s how to lock this shit down so you can get back to lounging:

bitch better have my money

  • Evaluate what caused the fall down
  • Change how you bring new clients in
  • Put your emotions and follow-ups on automatic (or templates)

Get logical

Every time something falls down in your business – unhappy clients, money lost, shit goes south – then you need to stop in your tracks and fix your client making machine.

Your client-making machine = 

Friend refers them (through social media/email/phone call) > goes to website > reads blog post > investigates About page > buys via sales page > internal client system = happy, high-paying, repeat clients

When clients don't pay on time, your business is broken. Click To Tweet

This client-making machine is what I spend 8 weeks on with my Be Booked Out clients because it’s not that your clients are bad or you’re not good enough, it’s about making sure you create an experience of mutual success.

When things go awry in your business like not getting paid or not getting paid on time, this is a warning sign that your business is leaking, so make sure to fix it before it sinks.

Tell me what your experience has been with clients and payments and what’s your percentage of peeps who walk away without paying in full?

The Top 10 Things to Do After You’re Booked Out

Because that's the first step.

The after-effects of getting booked out are various and splendiferous. You laugh more, chaos turns into clarity and holy wow, you sleep like a rock. But what do you do after you’re booked out?

After the hustle of getting booked out 3, 6 or 12 months in advance the task list can seem a little bare.

Here are the top ten things you should do once you’ve achieved that sugary delight of being booked out.

Pss. Don’t have that sweet status yet? Check out the 6 steps to be booked out. 

Life after THE CHANGE:

1. Celebrate
I don’t mean a tiny glass of gin, now is the time to reconnect with your friends and family that you’ve probably been too busy to spend time with. Buy the first round of drinks and let them know you’re celebrating your new found status.

Pro-tip: do this with your biggest supporters and peeps who tell the world how awesome you are. Show your thanks by buying the first round of burritos and gin.

(Are they half a world away? A digital thank-you card or e-gift card is always appreciated.)

2. Care
Make sure to let your past clients know that there will always be a place in your heart (and scheduler) for them. Schedule in monthly emails to check in on how they’re doing. Send them postcards. Make the time to show you care. This not only encourages a positive relationship but also helps when you’re looking for new clients again. (Past buyers are future buyers.)

3. Reinvest
The sweet satisfaction of buying a new laptop or signing up for a website rebrand or hiring a systems person to help you streamline things is incomparable. Feel like a REAL adult and tell the internet, “I’m a BALLER NOW!”

4. Prepare
Take a look at when the booked out status is going to run dry and make sure to start planning and preparing a month or so in advance for re-launching or filling up your client spots. Nothing worse than living on Cloud 9 only to find out that you forgot to fill it up.

5. Expand
Make your life easier when you have to fill up your spots by taking the time now to grow your audience. Run webinars, host Twitter chats, jump on Periscope, create new opt-ins, give back to the internet to grow your following.

6. Cultivate
By being booked out, you’re going to have a wait-list to start working with you. Have a private, earlier launch to these specific people because they’re showing lots of interest. Make sure to give them something fun, free and special for being on the wait-list in between your spots opening.

7. Raise
That’s right. You’re in demand, overlord, which means you can raise your rates now. Consider this your level-up moment! Let everyone know your rates are increasing and if you have a couple of one-off spaces give them a chance to buy them.

Nothing gets people as excited like a deadline.

8. Sleep
Ahhhh, the sleep of the booked out is one of the finest things in life. Sayonara, 2am money-stress wake-ups!

9. Play
When you’re hustling hard, fun gets bumped to the back like a dude at a ‘girl’s night’ bar line. What’s a hobby you haven’t done in a while or even better, one you haven’t tried yet? Time to discover what you enjoy doing outside of business and hustling. It’s a good time to take a long weekend away as well, you’ve earned it.

10. Learn
Time to do development work on yourself. Is there a skill you’ve been putting off to launch your new thing? Has a new social media platform emerged that you wanna play with? By figuring out how to be client catnip, book out your business, time to improve your skills for them and you.
Be Booked Out is an 8 week LIVE program that takes you through my proven method of getting you clients booked months in advance. 

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The 12 Signs You Need Strategic Marketing

Is your marketing strategic? Time to find out. Here are the 12 signs you need strategic marketing.

Marketing can be hard to do consistently and the problem is when it slips thru your fingers so do your client numbers and sales.

The key is to always be marketing (and by marketing I mean, ‘educating and exciting the interwebs so people give a shit’) that way when you open up your client doors you have new ones waiting.

You don’t need to know everything about marketing since I’ve got you covered, but you do need to adapt your method if it isn’t working. How can you tell it isn’t working?

Here are the top 10 signs/symptoms that you need to get strategic with your marketing so you can be booked out and rest easy:

1. Variable income
It sucks to go from $$$$ one month to $$$ the next. Fluctuating income is a result of not getting strategic with your services and marketing so that you have a BASE level of income coming in.
The way forward: you need to focus on getting enough clients in to maintain your BASE level of income you need each month.

2. People say nice things but don’t buy
You spend hours devising your services, writing the blog post, crafting the sales page, only to shakingly share it with the Internet. With tingly anticipation you wait for the payment emails to come in! But instead, you get some (very sweet) compliments that don’t help you understand why people aren’t buying.
The way forward: you need to engineer drool-worthy services that sell themselves (and each other).

3. Unsure of where your income is coming in next month
This is THE WORST.
The way forward: when you plan where your money is coming in (based on your launches, services and growth campaigns) you no longer fret. Jot down two launches for the next 12 months.

4. You rarely get work inquiries in your inbox
I’m jealous of the delicious silence of your inbox.
You should be getting at least ONE client inquiry a month in your inbox.
The way forward: making your website a 24/7 salesperson is vital to keep those new work inquiries coming in. Does your content make the ideal buyer feel at home and excited?

5. When you send people to your website you don’t hear from them again
Your website is a black hole full of client anti-matter. There are essential elements of a website that converts strangers into subscribers.
The way forward: add newsletter forms above the fold, have an exit pop-up and free downloadable that compels readers to take action and sign up for more.

6. Your clients drive you crazy
Not intentionally (hopefully) but when you have too few, too many or the wrong fit clients, your business will end up running you into the ground.
The way forward: calculate your PERFECT number of clients for optimum profits and sanity.

7. Past clients don’t become future clients
Do your clients keep working with you for years? Because you should have long-standing supporters of your business that keep coming back for more.
The way forward: You need to be engineering an excellent client experience and following up with consistency.

8. Your newsletter has no one (except your mom on it)
Aw! Your mom is great.
It’s okay to have a small audience but if you have ZERO peeps on it and your website has been up for a while (longer than 3 months) than this is BIG gap.
The way forward: cement your success by putting your robot butler to work and adding an one-line sentence at the bottom of your posts telling people to sign up.
Extra tip: create an experience by calling it something other than ‘newsletter’.

9. You don’t have time to write your book/plan your retreat/do your brilliant thing
Passion projects are crucial for negating burn-out but there’s no way you can focus on your book/retreat/hobby if you’re submerged in the hustle.
The way forward: get 6 months of clients in the door and you’ll finally have the space to canter forward with your hobby horse.

10. You have no idea what to write/say to make sales
You stay quiet about your excellent brain and miss sales because you’re afraid to appear douchey and sales-y.
The way forward: creating sales has a formula to it. You need to craft high-value specific content out and link it back to a thing to buy.

11. Biz-envy (Bizvy!)
A true sign that unconsciously you’re ready to kick your business into higher gear.
The way forward: don’t worry about feeling envy, take it as a sign you need to push yourself and your own business by digging deep into what only YOU can offer.

12. You don’t work ON your business, only IN
If you spend every day focused solely on getting new clients in the door and working with them then you’ve got a day job. You need to sort out your client load to free up room to be strategic and intentional about where your business is going.
The way forward: invest in setting up your marketing for being booked out. Your business will thank you.

Be Booked Out is an 8 week LIVE program that takes you through my proven method of getting you clients booked months in advance. 

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