How to be known as the BEST in your industry

A lot of us don’t think of how to be the BEST in our industry because we’re just so fucking busy in our day-to-day tasks – trying to make sure our business is moving forward, trying to make sure we’re bringing in enough clients and revenue, keeping an eye on our profit, etc.

At the end of the day, when we’re trying to get those speaking gigs, book deals, or trying to help people in an easier way, being known as the best in your industry is a very crucial starting point.

It’s very crucial as well if you’re starting off being booked out with lower paying clients, and feeling like you’re selling yourself short. You’re hustling harder than you need to for those clients who you’re only charging $10/hour, or $100/month. You know how smart and valuable you are, so you need to hold your business to those same standards. You need to make sure you’re allowing yourself enough time to grow as a business, and not sell yourself short to those who aren’t going to make a huge difference to your revenue stream.

Now, this of course is going to trigger all the feels. I can’t help you with all of those feelings, but I can help you feel like you’re the best in your industry, and this is where BE BOOKED OUT comes into play. A lot of people who have gone through the program have come out more confident as an industry expert or thought leader because of the way they’re setting themselves up. I want you to experience that feeling! Join the free Be Booked Out 5 day challenge. It starts on Monday for you when you sign up, so go ahead and get that step out of the way.

I know you want to be humble. I know you don’t want to run around screaming, “I’m the best! You’re the WORST.” That would make you an utter douchebag.

To be KNOWN as the best instead of bragging about it, you have to take a few things into account:

1. Customer/client experience
2. The results you’re giving them

There are services and courses out there that aren’t necessarily the best ones available. People may be the best at marketing and pretending that they’re the best, but the quality still may not be that great.

What you might want to do is actually take one of those courses and compare it to your own. If you have an industry leader out there and you want to see where they’re at, go ahead and subscribe or buy it so you can rationally see where you are in terms of advice. They might have some legit street cred, but that doesn’t mean they’re throwing out the caliber of advice that you can. Knowing where you are in terms of information and results you’re providing is super important. The level of results and customer/client experience are exactly what you should be looking at.

You might be doing really fucking well after only a year or 2 of experience, but you won’t know for sure until you do the research. Once you do, you might come to the realization that you ARE worth much more than you’re charging, and who doesn’t want to turn that anxiety into dollar signs?

How do we become the best? How do we go from total shit to THE shit?

Again, you could already be THE shit, but you’re making small mistakes along the way that loses business for you. Here are some key factors you should look at:

1. Generating traffic and marketing – having as many strangers see your shit as possible. The more strangers see your shit, the more they’ll talk about you. The more they talk about you, the more you’ll be seen as a celebrity or an expert. This is something you can get by speaking at summits, doing guest blog posts, articles, interviews, etc. This is something you can do RIGHT NOW. Reach out to the people in your circle and see where you can benefit from each other.

2. Your website is probably underselling you. Plenty of smart people who have gone through the Be Booked Out program have come in with a mediocre website and come out selling their services for 10 times the price that they were before, and they’re BOOKED OUT! (get it?) That’s not because they changed on the inside, that’s because their marketing is playing a higher game. That’s because this program turned them into a thought leader*, so they approach things differently.

*What’s a thought leader? It’s a circle-jerk term, but it’s real. It’s basically someone everyone looks to for the truth, their secrets, their behind-the-scenes of success. They make their clients feel like a friend, a real friend, a brutally honest friend that tells you what you need, what’s working and what’s just not going to work. This develops a level of trust between you and your client, so your client has confidence that you’re the best.

You need to have a fucking opinion, so get you some fucking opinions. Stop dancing around to please your clients when they ask you questions, and give them a real answer. Tell them what you think, because that’s what they’re paying you for. That’s why they’re asking you in the first place! Stop beating around the bush and tell them what they need to hear, not what they want to hear.

To take the internet, dissect it, distill it, and figure out how your clients should move forward is really important. That’s why Be Booked Out is a method. You’re getting a shitload of advice, that’s great, but what does that look like when you put it all together? That’s the whole point. It’s a whole, start-to-finish method. It gets YOU to take charge of your services rather than the client

3. You’re missing testimonials! Get those testies. You need to have past client’s opinions out there telling others they should hire you and why you’re the shit. Not only will it make your prospective clients feel more confident in hiring you, but it’ll boost your own ego as well. Hit up the people you’ve helped and ask them what they thought of your services. Be your own damn Yelp.

4. Where’s your audience? How are you getting people to notice you? Summits are a great way to get a huge group of people in front of you to convince them you’re the shit. Speaking gigs, blog posts, articles, they’re all going to help you, but at the end of the day what matters is speaking like a thought leader. Carry that ego you’ve put into your website and follow through in every aspect of your business. Be consistent, be firm, be real, but don’t be wishy-washy. At the end of the day, if people don’t see you as the best, it’s because of what you’re doing (or not doing). You don’t need “time” to build this ego. If you’re already giving people results, you’re perfectly fine where you are right now, so show it off. Make it known how fucking awesome you are.

So where do you go from here? You sign up for the Be Booked Out challenge. Let’s get you being the best in your industry. We will take care of your client experience, making sure you speak like a thought leader, and making sure you’re giving your clients the results they want. I’m going to take you through some very common blocks that get people to stop working with you, and from you being seen as the best. I want you to come in as an unknown and come out as a thought leader on the other side. You deserve to be known as the best. I want you to Evolve and Succeed, so make sure you sign up with the link below!

The Top 10 Things to Do After You’re Booked Out

The Top 10 Things to do Once You're Booked Out

The Top 10 Things to do Once You’re Booked Out

The after-effects of getting booked out are various and splendiferous. You laugh more, chaos turns into clarity and holy wow, you sleep like a rock. But what do you do after you’re booked out?

After the hustle of getting booked out 3, 6 or 12 months in advance the task list can seem a little bare.

Here are the top ten things you should do once you’ve achieved that sugary delight of being booked out.

Pss. Don’t have that sweet status yet? Check out the 6 steps to be booked out. 

Life after THE CHANGE (being booked out):

1. Celebrate
I don’t mean a tiny glass of gin, now is the time to reconnect with your friends and family that you’ve probably been too busy to spend time with. Buy the first round of drinks and let them know you’re celebrating your new found status.

Pro-tip: do this with your biggest supporters and peeps who tell the world how awesome you are. Show your thanks by buying the first round of burritos and gin.

(Are they half a world away? A digital thank-you card or e-gift card is always appreciated.)

2. Care
Make sure to let your past clients know that there will always be a place in your heart (and scheduler) for them. Schedule in monthly emails to check in on how they’re doing. Send them postcards. Make the time to show you care. This not only encourages a positive relationship but also helps when you’re looking for new clients again. (Past buyers are future buyers.)

3. Reinvest
The sweet satisfaction of buying a new laptop or signing up for a website rebrand or hiring a systems person to help you streamline things is incomparable. Feel like a REAL adult and tell the internet, “I’m a BALLER NOW!”

4. Prepare
Take a look at when the booked out status is going to run dry and make sure to start planning and preparing a month or so in advance for re-launching or filling up your client spots. Nothing worse than living on Cloud 9 only to find out that you forgot to fill it up.

5. Expand
Make your life easier when you have to fill up your spots by taking the time now to grow your audience. Run webinars, host Twitter chats, jump on Periscope, create new opt-ins, give back to the internet to grow your following.

6. Cultivate
By being booked out, you’re going to have a wait-list to start working with you. Have a private, earlier launch to these specific people because they’re showing lots of interest. Make sure to give them something fun, free and special for being on the wait-list in between your spots opening.

7. Raise
That’s right. You’re in demand, overlord, which means you can raise your rates now. Consider this your level-up moment! Let everyone know your rates are increasing and if you have a couple of one-off spaces give them a chance to buy them.

Nothing gets people as excited like a deadline.

8. Sleep
Ahhhh, the sleep of the booked out is one of the finest things in life. Sayonara, 2am money-stress wake-ups!

9. Play
When you’re hustling hard, fun gets bumped to the back like a dude at a ‘girl’s night’ bar line. What’s a hobby you haven’t done in a while or even better, one you haven’t tried yet? Time to discover what you enjoy doing outside of business and hustling. It’s a good time to take a long weekend away as well, you’ve earned it.

10. Learn
Time to do development work on yourself. Is there a skill you’ve been putting off to launch your new thing? Has a new social media platform emerged that you wanna play with? By figuring out how to be client catnip, book out your business, time to improve your skills for them and you.

Be Booked Out is my 8 week program that gets designers, coaches, and VAs booked out months in advance.

You can get first notice when spots open again by joining here.

How to Make More Money with FEWER Clients

There’s nothing worse when you’ve been in business for the past 3 years and you’re only making $$ and have 5 too many clients.

They call you at 1:17am to check in on their launch sales page, bother you during parental leave, and micro-manage every minute you charge them.

This was not what you worked hard for the past few years.

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And you LOVE working with the right people.

There’s a way to move forward without having to burn it all down and start again.

You need to get strategic with how you’ve set up your services, work with clients, and get new clients in the door.

This is the way my Be Booked Out™ students get paid 2x-5x as much, get really awesome clients, and finally have TIME (for hobbies or sleep).

One of my fave stories to tell (because if I could I would totally proudly hold my clients up to the internet, Lion King-style) is Arielle Hale’s.

Arielle came into Be Booked Out™ as a determined, badass, smart lady who had been a PM (started as a VA) and was burnt. the fuck. out. She was tired of relying on word of mouth and wanted to take back control of her services and time. She was overwhelmed, working all day and night, and giving her all to her clients.

She loved being an integral part of clients’ launches and had rave reviews. It was time though to make six figures, free up her time, and pick and choose her clients.

After she did Be Booked Out™ she was booked out 8 months in advance, working with the biggest names in the online sphere, and finally hit her income goal.

That’s something I see often with designers, coaches, virtual assistants, project managers, and copywriters who have been working online for a while.

The being crispy in your soul from too many long nights, undervalued work, and not enough cash to convince yourself its worth it.

Big truth time: you made this mess. You gotta clean it up.

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Let’s fix it in three easy steps!

#1. Specialize

When you don’t specialize you’re like spiceless, herbless, joyless food – super bland. You need to specialize so that people understand how you can help them. The more you specialize the more they trust you and your expertise.

Action: Go from being a “VA” to “tech VA” or “Pinterest VA” and watch the clients roll in. 

#2. Package it up

Creating packages and offering retainers vs doing proposals (or hourly) is what takes your services from “meh” to “TAKE MY MONEY!”

When you package up your smarts specifically for your perfect client then it makes it easier to raise your rates and still have high value for your new client. Plus you no longer need to do quotes or proposals or deal with tracking every minute of your time.

Action: Take your most popular services and turn them into three packages that sell and sell each other. 

#3. Get a waitlist

What happens when you’re desperate and needing cash? You take whatever job is available, but if you have a harem of clients waiting then you can pick and choose your favorites.

Action: Create a waitlist form and start promoting it so that you never have to rely on word of mouth or late night client hook-ups again. 

Let’s take your business to the next level – click here to join The 6 Step Framework to Be Booked Out™ masterclass happening soon!

The masterclass takes you through:

  • How to be booked out months in advance with design, coaching, project management, or copywriting clients.
  • The right way to hustle and the wrong way.
  • The 7 mental blocks that are messing your success.
  • The #1 thing that every service provider needs to do.

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Designers: Nicer Clients, Better Projects + Higher Price Tags

Designers - Better Clients, Projects, and Price Tags

Designers – Better Clients, Projects, and Price Tags

Hey Designers! Here’s a podcast to compliment your reading experience because listening + reading = 20% of the senses. MATH!

You’re perusing the internet, jelly-stalking other designers, perving on new fonts, and Pinterest-ing like it’s your job. Because, oh yeah, it is!

Woot! Woot! As a designer, your job is to ogle and produce beauty and that’s glorious!

But it’s not all rainbows, more than once you feel like a #464646 amongst a sea of #CCCCCC.

Check your self-doubt into the overhead compartment because your talents, personality and style make you a snowflake on the shores of Hawai’i on a dry-heat summer’s day.

You are valuable, unique, and delicious like a blue banana amongst yellow bananas.

Believe it because once you do, you get better clients, projects and higher prices.

I’ve worked with many designers (developers, illustrators and artists this is for you too) and not one of them is the same.

The only reason your design business can’t keep its head up among the internet waves is because you’re not communicating your value, coming up with unique packages and booking yourself in advance.

Which is what marketing does for you.

(It also boosts you up to be a top designer charging $9,000+ per project with products and programs that create passive income.)

This is how we do it.

(Yeah, Montell! A classic about Friday night marketing strategies and the power of designated drivers.)

Six ways designers can show off your blue-banana-ness:

  • Ideal client is crucial. Not every designer wants to work with beer companies or young authors or coaches. By knowing WHO you wanna work with you get better clients, projects and can charge more.
  • Cultivate your style. Your website is your biggest testimonial and regardless of what your college taught you, the client buys based on your website’s own design. Your client testimonials are for backing the results.
  • Keep raising your rates. Every new client brings in additional experience and makes you more valuable so raise those rates a little bit each time.
  • Have an opinion on your industryLover of neon? Hater of sans-serif? Believer in talking to clients via Voxer? Let your opinion flag fly. 
  • Cultivate your word-of-mouth. Your favorite clients should be talking about you because you’ll get more dream clients. Stay on their mind by following them up. (Ex: this article reminded me of you, how’s your cat doing?, did you master that lasagna recipe?)
  • Marketing funnel magic. It’s easier to sell to past clients than strangers. Have a service that sells the next step so that you don’t miss out on working with your favorite people on your favorite projects for mega-cash. (Ex: having a maintenance package (or referral) after you finish up a website, following up in a month’s time for additional touch-ups, add-ons and extras, etc…)

Be Booked Out is my signature method that helps you get those higher paying clients with the cool projects you actually wanna work on.

Be Booked Out is booked solid for this round but you can find out first if you sign up here.

Courses vs. Clients: Which One is Right For You?

Courses vs Clients

Courses vs Clients

I love tiny goats. Their tiny pitter patter. Their cashmere coats. Their stylish pajamas.

I would love to have 10 ripping and rollicking thru my apartment. Filling it full of audible joy and four-footed backflips but then reality barges in, and the following becomes transparent:

  • After 10 minutes, my apartment would be broken and full of surprisingly large goat pellets.
  • I’d spend 23 hours and 15 minutes a day having to dodge eeny weeny goat heads trying to bust my shins.
  • 10 mature billy goats in 500 square feet is not the synonym for a good time.

Even though the internet makes you believe tiny goats are the only thing you need – everlasting joy, heart-explosions, and soft petting – it’s setting you up for failure.

Same thing goes with courses and passive income. You read about how money should flow in via funnels, large chunks at a time, covered in chocolate while you work on your caramelization in the sun.

It’s bullshit.

You’re reading advanced advice that you’re not ready for (yet) since you can’t even sell your services, which sucks to hear because your parents told you you could be an astronaut but time to check yourself – you’re Earth-bound – stop eating expensive freeze-dried ice cream and let’s put you back on track.

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Because you can start making money with your services within hours from a well-written sales page whereas with courses you need years of audience-building, and thousands of dollars invested before you see that cold hard cha-ching in your bank account.

That’s the real real, right now you could launch a whole new package in a few hours and start selling spots, generating anything between $1,000 – $18,000 of recurring client revenue for your business in a COUPLE OF DAYS.

What you’d need:

  • Sales page
  • Be active on social media groups (FB groups, Twitter chats, Snapchat tags, etc)
  • Emails

That’s it, that’s how accessible services are. They’re right THERE.

To make that same amount of dollars, you’d need to spend at LEAST 2 years audience building, 2 weeks testing product ideas, 2 months promoting and launching your idea, then 8 weeks writing your product.

You’d need (bare minimum) – 4 months, 100 perfect people on your list and a $297 price point to hit a $1,000 with your course. How come? Because most online course creators are stuck at a 2% conversion rate due to their less than inspired marketing strategies. Math is a bitch and we’re always looking for new ways to gain her favor when it comes to marketing.

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Save your money, make some $$$ and start with services.

The progression you NEED to be taking with your online business is:

Start selling services > build your audience up > offer your premiere program

That’s the most profitable and viable version of making online.

When you try to skip ahead you end up cockblocking your money-making before it started. You adopt your tiny goats before having a farm or backyard.

We all want to find the MOST effective way to use our minutes, cash in on our smarts, and add another day off to our week. The solution? Services.

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Let’s get you months of clients signed, sealed and delivered to your digital doorstep!

Be Booked Out is an 8 week LIVE program that takes you through my proven method of getting you clients booked months in advance. 

We are opening a new round soon- be the first to know.

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