Courses vs Services: Which One Is Right For You

Believe me, I get it. You’ve been working as a freelancer for a while now, selling the best online services you can, making clients super fucking stoked about the results you give them. You’re ready to give yourself a promotion- running courses online and living off of passive income. Sounds perfect, right?

This is talked about a ton but there aren’t enough results to back it up. Truth is, jumping the gun can actually stall your business, even push it back a few years if it’s not executed correctly.

First, let’s talk about the differences with courses vs. services:

Services– working with clients directly, through web design, developing, VA assignments, etc.

Courses– running webinars, a facebook group, or daily emails coaching other freelancers to help them succeed.

I know, passive income sounds like an ideal life. You can sit on your couch binge-watching True Detective while people just buy your product online, no extra work required. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy.

(Here’s a secret for you, I started fail too.)

I had a babydick audience when I first started out guys – 100 people max. If that were a real-world seminar it’d be oookay, but when we’re talking worldwide web, that’s nothing. The perk to it was that I knew everyone who was tuning in and could be more personable, but I needed more for my business and my income.

When I started out, my courses ran $700/month. I thought my audience would expand on it’s own from those 100 people, and that I’d be earning enough to live off of.  Guess what? It didn’t fucking work that way. I barely had enough to pay for my groceries, let alone my bills.

If you’re new to the industry and need to be making full-time income, services are the way to go. They’re that sweet, comforting throw blanket for your bank account. Gathering 10-20 clients for the year is way easier than it is to grow an internet empire overnight. Being consistently booked out is the first step you need to take before you even consider moving on to courses.

Not earning enough money off your services? Give yourself a fucking raise! You should be raising your rates every quarter anyway – at the LEAST every year. If your technique is as incredible as you believe it is, and clients are not only willing to pay top dollar, but wait 6 months for your beautiful brain-power, then you can start with throwing in some courses. Baby steps, my friends.

Courses cost THOUSANDS of dollars to launch, so you need to be 100% confident in your approach. You need to have the stats to back it up. You need to have an audience. You need 1,000-10,000+ people/followers/subscribers to be anxiously awaiting your next post or launch in order to be making enough money from courses alone.

If you’re at that point but you’re itching for more, maybe it’s time to throw in extras. Speaking gigs, student retreats, and guest blog posts are a good way to start. Get creative and come up with an original idea that will make your course stand out from the crowd.

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