Designers: Nicer Clients, Better Projects + Higher Price Tags

Designers - Better Clients, Projects, and Price Tags

Designers – Better Clients, Projects, and Price Tags

Hey Designers! Here’s a podcast to compliment your reading experience because listening + reading = 20% of the senses. MATH!

You’re perusing the internet, jelly-stalking other designers, perving on new fonts, and Pinterest-ing like it’s your job. Because, oh yeah, it is!

Woot! Woot! As a designer, your job is to ogle and produce beauty and that’s glorious!

But it’s not all rainbows, more than once you feel like a #464646 amongst a sea of #CCCCCC.

Check your self-doubt into the overhead compartment because your talents, personality and style make you a snowflake on the shores of Hawai’i on a dry-heat summer’s day.

You are valuable, unique, and delicious like a blue banana amongst yellow bananas.

Believe it because once you do, you get better clients, projects and higher prices.

I’ve worked with many designers (developers, illustrators and artists this is for you too) and not one of them is the same.

The only reason your design business can’t keep its head up among the internet waves is because you’re not communicating your value, coming up with unique packages and booking yourself in advance.

Which is what marketing does for you.

(It also boosts you up to be a top designer charging $9,000+ per project with products and programs that create passive income.)

This is how we do it.

(Yeah, Montell! A classic about Friday night marketing strategies and the power of designated drivers.)

Six ways designers can show off your blue-banana-ness:

  • Ideal client is crucial. Not every designer wants to work with beer companies or young authors or coaches. By knowing WHO you wanna work with you get better clients, projects and can charge more.
  • Cultivate your style. Your website is your biggest testimonial and regardless of what your college taught you, the client buys based on your website’s own design. Your client testimonials are for backing the results.
  • Keep raising your rates. Every new client brings in additional experience and makes you more valuable so raise those rates a little bit each time.
  • Have an opinion on your industryLover of neon? Hater of sans-serif? Believer in talking to clients via Voxer? Let your opinion flag fly. 
  • Cultivate your word-of-mouth. Your favorite clients should be talking about you because you’ll get more dream clients. Stay on their mind by following them up. (Ex: this article reminded me of you, how’s your cat doing?, did you master that lasagna recipe?)
  • Marketing funnel magic. It’s easier to sell to past clients than strangers. Have a service that sells the next step so that you don’t miss out on working with your favorite people on your favorite projects for mega-cash. (Ex: having a maintenance package (or referral) after you finish up a website, following up in a month’s time for additional touch-ups, add-ons and extras, etc…)

Be Booked Out is my signature method that helps you get those higher paying clients with the cool projects you actually wanna work on.

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