Drop “Authentic” from Your Vocab

Drop "Authentic" from Your Vocabulary

You’re watching amateur comedians drip salty sweat on the stage in front of you. Their nervousness illuminated by the faux-moon light on their clenched up faces. As you lean back and listen you get jerked around by some of the things they say:

The guy who talks about watching Game of Thrones and then says he’s blind. “WAIT, What?”

The woman who gets cheeky about dating + single life but then tells you she’s been married for 80 years. “Hold on there…”

Or the British sounding dude telling you he’s never been out of America. “MY BRAIN HURTS.”

This is Disconnect and if you’re worried about being authentic, this is you.

Your problem is that you’ve internalized the same message over and over again so many times that you’ve been brainwashed into thinking it’s yours.

The health coach who preaches a non-fat diet but is on Instagram eating deep-fried ice cream covered in bacon.

The business coach who talks about making 6 figures but tells you that they can’t afford to pay their bills.

The Etsy seller who is talking about creating a successful business but just started and has zero sales.

This is Disconnect and it’s killing your sales.

If you believe that people need to eat the goddamn bacon to lose weight? Go hard.

If you believe that 6 figure businesses in the first year are improbable? Say it.

If you think the color mahogany is what everyone should paint their living room? Tell it.

Inherently our brains look for consistency. We don’t like seeing red but being told it’s blue. It makes our gray matter itchy.

Which is why you need to sit your ass down and dissect what you really think vs what the internet tells you to think.

What are you saying in the hopes it’ll get you customers?
What do you stand for?
What truth are you living right now?
What are you selling?

Do me a favor and drop the word “authentic” from your vocabulary. It’s a circle-jerk word and it’s time for you to be a thought leader, not a shadow.

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  • I respect your opinion, but I actually love the word and will keep using it. 🙂

    But hey, totally hooked me with that cover! *thumbs up*

    Violeta Nedkova
    • Thanks for reading, Violeta! I respect your opinion and support your choice. 🙂 Alternative viewpoins/opinions are welcome here.

      Halley Gray
  • “If you believe that people need to eat the goddamn bacon to lose weight? Go hard.”

    Maybe they’re on Keto! *giggle*

    I get turned off by people who say their business is about helping others create successful businesses. But this business of helping other people is the first business they’ve ever had and they *just* started it. O_O They just look around and see that other business owners MAKE BANK telling other people how to start businesses and want in on that action. But they don’t actually have any experience doing this.


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