Drop “Imagine” and Say This Instead on Your Sales Page

RANT ALERT. Click away if you’re not comfortable with strong opinions, accurate information, and casual use of swear words.

There’s something about sales pages no one is telling you – you should be writing your sales pages like the person reading them ALREADY wants to buy.

Those long ass videos? Irrelevant. The rhetorical questions? Off-putting.

Trying to force them to care? A waste.

The people who are reading your sales page are those who have already self-selected to be your clients. They’ve said ‘yes’ to the blog posts you’ve written, they felt like you got them in your videos, and they are taking the next step to move forward with you.

So to land on a sales page that treats them like a distant stranger vs a business best friend? Cold water on a hot prospect.

Here are three easy ways to make your sales page get more clients in the door:

1. Talk to them like they want it

Sometimes you find it hard to picture a stranger wanting to buy your services. You get all full of queasy self-doubt that stops you from moving forward and you begin to doubt your perfectly wonderful service. TOTES NORMAL. What I want you to do is write your sales page like the person on the other side has already told you ‘TAKE MY MONEY’, your sales page will come across as confident, close, and compelling. Trust me, it works.

2. Drop ‘imagine’

My creative writing teacher once drilled into me “show, don’t tell” to evoke emotion in your reader and when it comes to sales pages you want your potential client to FEEL something – hope, enthusiasm, excitement, confidence – so that they’ll take the action you want – clicking the buy now button. You can’t do that though if you keep using weak language like ‘Imagine your life as a cheese model’. Ummm no, that’s not their job to figure out what that looks like, that’s yours. Take out all ‘imagine’ phrases and take the time to ‘see’ what the end goal looks like for your potential client. Hint: it’ll look like the successes you’ve had with past clients.

3. Stop hiding your buy now buttons

This fucks me off more than anything else because you’re shooing away money when you make it super fucking hard to find your ‘buy now’ button. You’re hiding it by choosing a color for it that camouflages into the background or making it super fucking tiny or only having one at the very end of a never-ending sales page. Buy now buttons are invitations for your client to get started and you should never make getting started hard. Add multiple buy now buttons throughout your sales page to make it easy for clients to give you their money and get the results you’re promising.

Bonus tip: You do not want to distract your potential client when they’re on your sales page. Absolute focus must be on them clicking that button. There are three common fuck-ups when it comes to this.

  • Videos on your sales page – you’re distracting your potential client from buying your package when you give them a 5 minute video to watch first. First off, NOBODY is watching that video all the way through and second, they already want what you’re selling so what do you have to talk about?
  • Side-bars – my Be Booked Out students have often heard me rant about side-bars but particularly on sales pages there should not be anything competing for the reader’s attention so scrap the side-bar on your sales pages (actually all together but that’s a different post).
  • Pop-ups – we all have shorter attention spans these days and so we need to rush to get vital information into our readers’ view. A pop-up will ruin that delicate cone of concentration that you rely on to get them to hit the buy now button. No pop-ups on sales pages, they’re a shiny cockblock for sales.

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I sold out my last course using the sales page writing technique Halley shares. It’s the bees patella’s!

It’s the bees patella’s!

I sold out my last course using this sales page writing technique.


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