How to Engineer an Amazing Client Experience

Let’s get down to the basics for a minute, because this is fucking important.

How is your client experience, and how is it affecting your business?

Are your clients happy with the work you’re putting out? How are you making them feel in the process?
Most importantly, how hard are you making it on yourself and your clients to put out a good product?

The client experience is something you can engineer, no matter what type of person you are. You can be the raddest fucking human being on the earth, get your clients the results they want, and still give a crappy experience in the process. This may work out for a little while, but what you’ll end up with is a souffle business – where it pops up, and will collapse the fuck down. No bueno. So, how do we prevent that from happening?

You need to set up a structured system to make sure you’re getting the clients what they need. This is not something you set up once and forget about; much like your business, your customer experience is something you should constantly be working on improving.

Why? Because people remember feelings first, and THEN the results you got them.

You can be the best, most skilled person in your industry, but be losing clients because you were a dick during their experience, and you were hard to work with. Being a dick is not going to give you happy clients, and it certainly won’t get you referrals for new ones to try again.

How do you avoid being a dick? It’s simpler than you think.

First, what are the steps that you need your clients to complete in order to get yourself on track?
This could be anything from questionnaires, surveys, contracts, etc. Get all of the information and expectations from your client that you need so you’re both on the same track. This will not only make your life easier, but it will make your clients feel taken care of.

Are you doing this manually, or are you letting little tiny robot butlers take care of this process for you? We live in a day and age now where you don’t need to be handling this yourself. There are awesome platforms out there such as Satori, Dubsado, 17 hats, or even the Pancake app that will take this initial intake part off your plate. This is definitely where the ol’ saying “Work smarter, not harder” comes into play- automate your process!

Second, what are people struggling with when working with you? You know what’s going on and what you need, but you need to understand that your clients hired you because they don’t have any fucking clue what they should be doing. Take the lead before they get lost and you both become frustrated. Give them a schedule or a guideline to go by to know what they need to do on their end. If you’re a designer, give them an outline, i.e. “Here’s how many paragraphs I need. Here’s the info people generally use for each paragraph.”

Even if they don’t want to go by your guideline and do their own thing or idea, you’ve at least got the ball rolling to move on. People can’t work off of something that they don’t know anything about – if they don’t have any data, how are they supposed to replicate or customize it? You need to make sure you are always updating this process and supporting your clients when it comes to lack of information for 2 reasons:

A – It makes them happier clients because they know what to do.
B – There’s no scope creep, so you’re not going over the time you need to to get your shit done on time.

You need to set up a process that supports them in moving forward with you. Think about where people are falling down, and where you can help them stay up from here on out. This could be anything from an email series to a video tutorial. People want to be good clients, so help them. They don’t want to be the asshole, but you’re making them be one if you’re not helping with those initial baby steps.

The last thing is to add your own little personal touch to the process. Stop saying you want to under-promise and over-deliver. That’s fucking stupid and it’s setting yourself up for failure. Give a reasonable promise, then add in your own little excitement. For example: as a coach, send a Starbucks gift card along with your questionnaires, and add a note that says “I know this is going to take a while to get through, so here’s a little something extra to boost your focus. Enjoy!” Kick it old school and send your clients a postcard. It’s these little bonuses that will wow your clients and score you those referrals in the future.

One more time- people remember feelings first, and THEN the results you got them.

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