Evolve U Audience Expansion

Evolve U Audience Expansion

Audience expansion and launching are the two halves to creating a profitable evolving business.

You’ve concocted special cocktails, bejazzled the shit outta your living room and cooked the most tiniest and delicious finger foods.

Guests should be arriving at 7pm.

Flash forward to a sad, crumpled, and marinated you at midnight wondering why no one showed.

The same thing happens when you start a business, max out your audience or are moving into a new client type. (The party is your launch in this metaphor.)

Why didn’t anyone show?

You forgot to make friends.

This is foundation of success when it comes to having an evolutionary business.


Reach out to the newbs who are just starting, the seasoned peeps who are shaky but getting more solid every day, the higher ups who seem to poop money but have hidden troubles of their own.

Everyone wants to be seen but nobody wants to take the risk of rejection.

Start with the kids on the outskirts and move inward. Talk to the business peeps, the artists, the musicians, the cartoonists, the lawyers – everyone!

Really listen to them.

Because this is where the evolutionary marketing is made at the intersection between minds meeting and real understanding. This is how I made 5k in one month with 6 newsletter subscribers (I know, the title is douchey but read it if it speaks to you) and tripled my income from my first year to my second in business (money makes life easier).

By hearing and understanding what people really want you unlock evolutionary marketing.

They talk about how shitty G+ is or how they’ve fallen in love with Medium? You know where to find them. They complain about how they feel like their income is always stressing them out. You create custom marketing strategies to get them booked out. They stress about which project to take on first? You write them a blog post “the number one way to prioritize so you can take a nap”.

You don’t make friends because of what they can do for you. Nobody wants a friend like that. Why would anyone want that in a business association? However you treat your fans, clients and peers should be the same way you treat your friends. You wouldn’t invite your friends to a party and then say they can’t come because they don’t have 3,000 followers on Twitter, then why do you think it’s ok to do that in business?

What are ways you make being your friend an enjoyable experience?

This isn’t something you stop doing when you’re big. You need to keep refreshing your connection with your audience so that your business doesn’t go extinct.

How to make connections:

  • 1-1 calls – the most effective
  • Webinars – groups are fun
  • Your newsletter – reach out to every new subscriber
  • Facebook groups  – start discussions and see how you can help
  • Twitter chats – join them or lead them
  • Google + communities – get in there
  • Instagram challenges – one hashtag to bring everyone together
  • Blog comments – the extra effort is nice
  • Email – digital mail! Fun!

Pick one to start with:

Now that you’re making friends, let’s talk about your visibility. These are ways you can reach new audiences and meet more people en masse vs one at a time.

Increase your visibility:

  • Guest posting
  • Speaking gigs
  • Conferences
  • Summits
  • Interviews
  • Blog parties
  • Bundle sales

Pick one to start with and keep pitching. 

Which one are you going to do first? 

The Three Most Important Things for Evolutionary Marketing that Works

Generosity, trust and fun

You should be giving your audience your best work every time. Don’t hold anything back, don’t dilute yourself. Generosity is the number one aspect of evolutionary marketing. You worry that means you’ll get less work but that’s not how it works. People love generosity. It opens them up and creates trust. It allows them to see that even if you don’t get anything from them you still give a shit and want to help them.  Your business needs to have 96% generosity as its motto.

How are you going to be generous?

The second aspect is trust. 

What makes someone trust-worthy in your eyes?

Creating trust is important. Your readers need it to become buyers, your buyers need it to become clients and your clients need it to become advocates.

Watching and registering what makes you feel like you can trust someone else online is exactly how you gauge what you want to do for your own audience.

Perhaps it’s posts that explain what you do or testimonials from clients or 60 day money-back guarantees. Make the trust happen.

The third aspect is fun.

Enthusiasm, joy, and happiness are contagious and people love it. It looks different for everyone so think about what you consider fun and how you can add it.

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