How to Grow an Online Business when You’re Single

Thank Cthulu for online business. It opens up your world from one city into a billion, from being tied to one community to being polyamorous with thousands, and it’s never been easier (or more affordable) to begin the lifelong journey of entrepreneurship than today.

To get started all you need is Squarespace ($18/month), a template (free in SS), ConvertKit ($29), and SendOwl ($15/month). What once was thousands or millions of dollars to start a business is now $62/month! Holy batballs.

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But, let’s get real. 

It’s not enough to have the tools, you need the RIGHT information, and encouraging mental/emotional support.

If you’re not currently sharing a domicile with someone whose farts you’ve met against your will at 1:34am then it’s pretty massive to take the business risk solo because you’ll only one source of income (so going full time becomes 3x as risky).

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There are MAJOR advantages to doing it solo:

  • Able to move to a cheaper and more exotic location without having The Talk (because fuck yeah, Costa Rica!)
  • Don’t need to experience the Partner Who Doesn’t Think This is a Good Idea trauma.
  • Spend all your free time working on your business guilt-free.
  • Can crash at your parent’s place for extra motivation to make this shit work.
  • Only have one person to provide for (and not need to plan/worry about your partner/spouse/other losing their job).
  • Less drama (I would hope).
  • Pick and choose the friends who you talk to about your business and form strong relationships with fellow online bosses (vs doing date night).

The strategy for growing your business will single is:

  1. Maintain your main income stream (9-5, services, products, etc) till you can save enough to transition to your next phase.
  2. Reduce costs (move to a cheaper country with strong wifi, crash with parents, buy the cheaper toilet paper, etc) till your business is mostly profit.
  3. Get strategic about your marketing and business so you can decrease the risk and increase your stability like woah.
  4. Make irreaplaceable friendships that support you and keep you moving forward. 

The free time you have right now allows you for more connection and friendships that will in the long-run profit you and your business.

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How to make sure you have the right friends onboard in your business:

  • They show up when they say they will.
  • They listen when you’re sharing your struggles.
  • They don’t minimize your hardships but do bring it around to solutions at the end.
  • They feel comfy sharing and expressing what’s going on with them.
  • They don’t steal/use your business ideas without talking about it first with you. **Slight caveat here: friends start to talk like each other over time (SCIENCE) so if looks like your friend’s brain has unintentionally absorbed and is using your wording. Let that shit go and find some new synonyms.**
  • They inspire you and you feel great about talking with them.
  • They’re trust-worthy in their actions.
  • They’re your cheerleader when self-doubt knocks.

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  • Couldn’t agree more. Being single makes it that I can focus on my business in my free time, whenever I feel inspired. I don’t have to justify myself to anyone or worry whether they’re getting jealous of all the time and attention I give it instead of them. Less guilt, woo!

    Michelle @ Modern Acupuncture
  • Very true. Although even when you are single I think there are still all of those negative influences on your life. If it is not a spouse or a boyfriend, then it is a parent, a best friend or someone else.

    I remember starting my business, my spouse was and has been on-board during the good times and the bad. But it has been my parents telling me I need a REAL career. They do not really understand what I do and how I can make money online and such. They constantly push me towards Engineering and have for the last 20 years of my life.


    Alex Craig
  • There are definitely times when I wish I’d started my business before getting married and having kids, but then again, online business was totally different 9 years ago and it’s so much more accessible now than it was.

    Plus, I got a couple kids who happen to be pretty freakin adorable, so it’s not all bad 😉

    • Agreed, Shelsey! Your kids are adorable and you gotta make what you have work, no matter your FB status. 😀

      Halley Gray
  • If you can’t tell, I’ve spent the whole morning reading your blog. 😛 I definitely see your side, but think it depends on your personality a lot. Personally, I need to feel some pressure and I think having so much freedom and flexibility in my location, etc. would actually make me less motivated, weirdly enough!

    For me, my boyfriend has been my single biggest motivator in making this work, and I work harder because of it. Aside from the fact that he’s my biggest cheerleader (and volunteer accountant, business manager, and housekeeper!), knowing that we’re a team and I’m accountable for contributing my share of the expenses is that pressure I need. I’m still at a 9-5 but rely on my side hustle’s income too, so having a goal number I need to hit and deadline I need to hit it by really works for me. If I were able to easily move back home and not have to pay rent and stuff, I’d probably get way lazier! :X

    Plus, the drama, guilt, etc. mentioned isn’t there anyway (I would hope it wouldn’t be too present in any healthy relationship!) and he’s there to pick up the slack on non-work responsibilities (errands, chores, etc.) so I can spend more time on my biz.

    Brittany Berger
    • Hahaha, Brittany! You’re the best. Thanks for spending so much time here. Yeah, that’s totally legit. Some people are lucky enough to have a partner/husband/wife that supports their life choices but I find it’s easier to have more time to spend on stuff like this when I’m single vs coupled.

      Halley Gray
  • I just got married but this is almost making me feel like I should get divorced.

    Holly O.
  • Heck yeah! This is exactly what I’m doing! I was spinning my wheels in the dating world in a job that I hated (which I promise spilled into my personal life) and realized I didn’t bring much to the table by not developing myself as a person. Now, I’m getting myself figured out and building my blog!!! I’m so glad I’m in good company with this thought process!

    • Welcome in Catherine! Dating + Career is basically the same adventure I find so I understand where you’re coming from! Kick ass! You can do it!

      Halley Gray