How I Went From Inconsistent Clients to Booked Out

Making sure you’re booked out months in advance is super stressful when you’re already overwhelmed with your current client work. Inconsistent clientele is about the last thing you need right now.

You’re constantly juggling 8 jobs at once to attempt a steady workflow. I get it.

For the past few years, I’ve been constantly booked out at least 6 months at a time. I know it sounds like a mega-brag, but it certainly didn’t start out that way. You are not alone!

Story time, my friends. Like your dear old grandpa.

When I first left my full-time gig and branched out on my own, I thought I was set. I had gathered 5 high paying clients as a marketing strategist. Solid starting point!

Unfortunately that momentum didn’t stick around. Contracts ended, and so did my workflow. All of a sudden I was fumbling around in a hamster wheel of tactics trying to find new clients while getting my work done. All too often I ended up fucking up in one area, or worse, letting down a client. My workflow was inconsistent.

This is something that I not only see happening for my Be Booked Out students before they sign up (starting back up this month!), but I also see it all over internet forums.

There’s honestly just not enough time in the day to scramble doing 6 things at once, while guessing your next step. You’ll end up burning yourself out. The way to avoid this is to set a method in place and fundamentally structure your business.

I could get my clients booked out, but not myself. So what I had to do was take a step back and look at what I was doing differently for them that I was missing out on doing for myself. I found a few things:

I wasn’t packaging services correctly.
You need to have multiple packages available that basically sell each other. You don’t want to combine all of your services into one shiny package and give all the goods away at once. That might get you one sale from each client, but if you separate them, they have an excuse to keep coming back.

My sales page didn’t turn visitors into prospective clients.

I wasn’t getting paid in advance. 
(like a drug dealer)

This is a Seinfeld joke- everybody’s super excited to buy food when they’re hungry, but after they’ve eaten at a restaurant the food no longer has the same value right? Because you’re full.

Same goes with services.
Your services are far more valuable before the work is executed. Once they’re complete, they lose their shiny value. So you always want to make sure you get paid upfront.

I wasn’t strategically booking packages over a longer period of time.

I was selling myself short. Booking clients for 10-20 hours on jobs that would realistically take me 35 hours to accomplish. Booking out more time will only help you, and if you finish your tasks ahead of schedule, sweet! It’s time to treat yourself.

Fuck VIP days.

VIP days sound nice and like a special bonus to your clients, but you’ll end up giving all the goods away. Your client gets all of your hard work in one day, and then they lose interest in coming back, because there’s nothing to look forward to (unless you have something to upsell to them immediately after). A small audience is all you need to be booked out, but doing VIP days is a waste of time.

In the end I figured out what I needed to structure, and developed a strategic method. I used the same method over and over AGAIN and realized that’s what my business was missing all along to guarantee work and success. That’s the key with a method, is that it SHOULD work, no matter the type of business.

Quick! Grab a piece of paper, open up a sticky note, and write down all of your tasks and packages. Are they long term? Do you have to hustle to keep it going? pick and choose which interviews clients you do. package your shit strategically.

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