How to Make More Friends, Subscribers, and Clients with One Email

How to Get YES! Every Time You Pitch a Guest Post

There comes a time when:

  •  you’ve tapped out your current audience.
  •  you’re stuck at 100 newsletter subscribers.
  •  you’re the only one talking about your business.

You gotta guest post.

Here’s my template for reaching out to new & wonderful people I admire:

“Hey NAME,

I keep referring to your website because I adore your posts on … [insert genuine compliment on their content]. So key. The way you explain [this topic] has helped me improve my own stuff. Thank you!

I’d love to contribute a guest post to your wonderful blog that your audience would find fun & useful.

If you’re interested, here are three possible post subjects:

[EXAMPLE POST SUBJECTS. Note: they need to be relevant to the blog you’re pitching and your expertise.]
* Stuck for content? 20 prompts to create killer content.
(Writing for your blog can be hard to maintain these 20 prompts help my clients write killer content that will keep their audience engaged.)

* Are you busy or effective?
(Liking and retweeting are not effective. We talk about creating effective experiments including a free template to track your efforts vs results.)

* Interview:
(Halley is a marketing strategist who has worked with online superstars like Michelle Ward, Tiffany Han and Lola Falk to get them booked out, sold out and booming.)

Thanks for reading, [NAME].
My gray matter is at your service,

Halley Gray
Marketing Strategist (for the brilliant and talented online)
Evolve & Succeed

P.S. I had a prospective client find me via yourself. Thank you big time! “

What blogs are you going to pitch? 

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  • These kinds of templates are so useful.
    It’s always the trick, to come off as a help and not a nag!
    Thanks for sharing!


  • Totally agree Becky!

    Pitching ourselves as guest bloggers/writers/interview subjects is exactly that, pitching ourselves! Ha! Which inherently can feel boastful or braggy and that’s why I love the part about being honest that you like their stuff.


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