How to Run a Twitter Chat


Twitter is the BEST of social parties to attend if you’re a business targeting other businesses.

Here’s why:

  • unfettered access to your target demographic (Bite me, FB, I’m not your ho anymore)
  • level playing ground for newbies and top influencers alike
  • hard to fatigue people with your tweets (you can tweet up to 30 times a day before readers become exhausted/unfollow you)
  • easy integration with video streaming (looking at you, Periscope)

Which is why if you wanna build your list, establish your expertise/leadership and therefore increase your monies in your bank account you need to start your own Twitter chat STAT.

Twitter parties/chats are mind-blowing ways to connect with your peeps, meet new ones, and include into your launches.

1. Pick a topic that’s important to your audience
This is a great time to cement your expertise in your audience’s mind as a problem solver of certain topics/problems. Each Twitter chat should focus on one theme that is relevant and important to your peeps.

Here are three questions to get you started:

  • What are your peeps struggling with?
  • What Q’s are you most FA’d?
  • What expertise do you have to share?

2. Get the word out with a graphic

  • Create a Twitter-sized graphic with your chat’s topic, date and time/zone.
  • Include a hashtag so everyone can find it – keep it snappy so it doesn’t hog too many of those precious 140 characters.
  • Pin it to the top of your Twitter feed to get maximum eyeballs on your invitation.

Drool-worthy example:

3. Write and schedule your questions in advance
Twitter chats move at a blazing pace, so scheduling tweets for your introduction, questions and quotes will free you up to fully engage in the chat.

  • Come up with 4-5 conversation-sparking questions then use an app like Tweetdeck or Buffer to schedule them over the allotted chat time.
  • Start each question with Q1, Q2, Q3, etc… so participants can refer to them.
  • Note: make sure to include a tweet to remind them to use your special hashtag!

Level-up:  Check out Caitlin of Little Farm Media’s fab graphics inspiration on #creativebizchat. She turns each question into a beautiful graphic!

4. Come up with quotes for people to RT Quote your own wisdom or someone else’s to tie in with your topic and questions.

Level up: if you’re fancy, create a graphics for each quote. Not only will they look good but they’ll get you more free exposure with RT’s.

5. Consider sharing the weight with guest hosts
A special guest brings new expertise and a different point of view to your chat. It will also help both of you reach a broader audience.

  • Pinpoint three potential guest hosts who would bring in mutual beneficial expertise.

Bonus: you can do this for your vacation! Have them log into your account and run your chat while you soak in the sun.

6. Create a Twitter list to keep track of your peeps
After your chat, make a Twitter list of everyone who participated, then tweet it out so everyone can find each other and keep the conversation going.

7. Connect and promote others
An exemplary leader needs to know how to follow and help others succeed. Check out The Nectar Collective’s post 6 Ways To Succeed During a Twitter Chat for great tips on being a good Twitter chat guest and pimp other Twitter chats for mutual success.

Here are the top 3 Twitter chats we recommend:

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  • Great article! Thanks Halley!

  • I love using Twubs for twitter chats. You have to “register” the chat in their database, but once it’s there you get access to a dashboard that lets you have complete control of the chat in real time. I now prefer it to Tweetdeck (I could never really enjoy looking at the columns of info).

    Abria Mattina
    • Oooh! That’s so cool, Abria! Thanks for sharing. 😀 I don’t really enjoy Tweetdeck’s columns either.

      Halley Gray

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