How to Make More Money with FEWER Clients

There’s nothing worse when you’ve been in business for the past 3 years and you’re only making $$ and have 5 too many clients.

They call you at 1:17am to check in on their launch sales page, bother you during parental leave, and micro-manage every minute you charge them.

This was not what you worked hard for the past few years.

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And you LOVE working with the right people.

There’s a way to move forward without having to burn it all down and start again.

You need to get strategic with how you’ve set up your services, work with clients, and get new clients in the door.

This is the way my Be Booked Out™ students get paid 2x-5x as much, get really awesome clients, and finally have TIME (for hobbies or sleep).

One of my fave stories to tell (because if I could I would totally proudly hold my clients up to the internet, Lion King-style) is Arielle Hale’s.

Arielle came into Be Booked Out™ as a determined, badass, smart lady who had been a PM (started as a VA) and was burnt. the fuck. out. She was tired of relying on word of mouth and wanted to take back control of her services and time. She was overwhelmed, working all day and night, and giving her all to her clients.

She loved being an integral part of clients’ launches and had rave reviews. It was time though to make six figures, free up her time, and pick and choose her clients.

After she did Be Booked Out™ she was booked out 8 months in advance, working with the biggest names in the online sphere, and finally hit her income goal.

That’s something I see often with designers, coaches, virtual assistants, project managers, and copywriters who have been working online for a while.

The being crispy in your soul from too many long nights, undervalued work, and not enough cash to convince yourself its worth it.

Big truth time: you made this mess. You gotta clean it up.

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Let’s fix it in three easy steps!

#1. Specialize

When you don’t specialize you’re like spiceless, herbless, joyless food – super bland. You need to specialize so that people understand how you can help them. The more you specialize the more they trust you and your expertise.

Action: Go from being a “VA” to “tech VA” or “Pinterest VA” and watch the clients roll in. 

#2. Package it up

Creating packages and offering retainers vs doing proposals (or hourly) is what takes your services from “meh” to “TAKE MY MONEY!”

When you package up your smarts specifically for your perfect client then it makes it easier to raise your rates and still have high value for your new client. Plus you no longer need to do quotes or proposals or deal with tracking every minute of your time.

Action: Take your most popular services and turn them into three packages that sell and sell each other. 

#3. Get a waitlist

What happens when you’re desperate and needing cash? You take whatever job is available, but if you have a harem of clients waiting then you can pick and choose your favorites.

Action: Create a waitlist form and start promoting it so that you never have to rely on word of mouth or late night client hook-ups again. 

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