The Number One Person You Need to Know to Succeed

The #1 Person You Need to Know to Succeed Online

You write down ’23 year old female student with anxiety who wants to learn how to journal’ as your ideal client profile and nothing happens. You don’t feel like you know them better. Knowing who you created your business for is the pinnacle of marketing (new service around that soon!).

Here’s the BEST tool I’ve created (so far) for getting to know your ideal client (AKA Business’ Best Friend).

Start by creating your BBF’s Monday morning:

[Ideal’s name] wakes up this Monday morning and [what is their morning routine like]. Once [he/she/shim] is done with their morning routine [he/she/shim] grabs a cup of [what’s their favorite morning beverage] from their [where do they go for their beverage].

All before [what time are they done with their routine].

[Name] sits down at their computer [or do they have a different job?] and starts working on [what do they do for a job currently]. They’re [feeling] because [main problem: too little work, wrong career, website is ugly, bad photos]. They [sigh/groan/grin/dance] because of [main symptoms of problem in their day to day life: not enough money to pay bills, so bored because job isn’t right for them, website makes them cringe]. If only they had more time to (enter main goal/dream). They are currently making [how much do they make yearly] but [enter money goal here].

[Ideal’s name] realizes they need help when they sees/hears/thinks [enter turning point here] and goes to look up a [enter your role title here]. When they find [your site] they instantly click with [what is your standing out factor?].

This has been a course-changer for everyone who has done it. They have more clarity around what they should be offering, saying and doing to attract the right people.

Boom, business, boom.

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Leave your ideal’s Monday morning story in the comments!

Image by Eric__I_E  on Flickr. Used with permission under Creative Commons.

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