The Importance of Word-of-Mouth and How You Can Boost it

Yadda yadda yadda, blah blah blah, yakkity yak.

Chatting, blabing, conversing, bullshitting is part of our human nature and holy shit, we love to talk.

Which can work for us or against us because word-of-mouth is EVERYTHING even online.

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The only difference is that your clients in Abu Dabi are recommending you to someone in Kyoto instead of to their next door neighbour. Which is powerful because instead of having access to one town of people who might only have 2 unicorn tamers who need your services, you now have unlimited exposure to 1,000 unicorn tamers around the world. Can you say “Hello” to Profit?

You’ve seen how well it works before. You get a killer haircut and even though you have curly hair, your friend with straight hair wants to get in there STAT – you whisper their name and BOOM! They’re booked in.

Same thing happens for website design, marketing, copywriting, art, unicorn taming, etc so don’t ignore a crucial part of getting new clients in the door. (Be Booked Out doesn’t.)


You’re one of two peeps:

  1. IRL person who has no problem getting local clients (because your word-of-mouth game is so strong) and is branching out into getting international online clients.
  2. Online/IRL person who ain’t getting no mouth love.

Here’s how we get this party started (or keep it going), your three strategies for increased word-of-mouth:

  1. Engineer an excellent client experience
  2. Stay at the front of their minds
  3. Put value before money

The dealio with these three strategies is that it’s not good enough to do the work, you’ve got to craft a superb working relationship, reach out to be remembered, and make sure to prioritize the relationship before the cha-ching. (This is why Be Booked Out includes a whole week on setting this up.)

How to do that:

Client experience: Once you get the $$$ you can’t show up and do the work and call it a day like a 9-5, you gotta put your all into making the relationship WERK. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Where do all of my clients fall down when trying to achieve the end goal? (Por ejemplo: designers usually find that website copy is the biggest downfall.)
  • How can you help them? (Eg: create an email course.)
  • How can you automate it to make life easier? (Eg: put it in ConvertKit and add your new client to it each time.)

Be remembered: People forget. They have 3 devices in front of them and can barely eat lunch without a calendar reminder so promoting your work together or recommending you can fall off their radar. 

  • Use calendar reminders or a CRM (like Contactually) to put keeping in touch on automatic.
  • Come up with three different templates for popping into their inbox: one just saying hello/how are you. another where you send them a post/link/meme, and the third one checking in on the results.
  • Keep track of who you contacted when.

Put value first: The relationship is key in ALL things selling.  Show that you know them and care because even if they don’t buy they’re valuable. 

Things you could do: subscribe to their newsletter and ping them if their code is wrong, send them a link to a deal on their favorite wine, gift them a coffee subscription if they are going thru a tough time.

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