Why Calling Yourself a Mompreneur is Losing You Clients

You’re calling yourself a “mompreneur” because you hope it’ll get you clients. Here’s the truth

I get it. You saw the word “mompreneur” on your mentor’s site or Instagram/Pinterest/Tumblr feed and thought “YES! This is how I’ll connect with my clients and communicate that my family comes first.” That’s cute.

Here’s the deal (trigger alert)

No one is taking you seriously. You’re only targeting 1 out of 100 potential clients. You’re copy-and-pasting a failed marketing plan. Fix your shit.

Women struggle enough to be taken seriously in the business world as is. Being a mom and a business owner is hard and rewarding on both ends, but don’t combine your worlds. Using a bunch of denial band-aids is only going to make you fail.

I know… I’m the worst. But I would much rather you be upset with me and be successful, than you love me and fail.

Nobody cares that you’re a parent (except maybe your friends and family), especially your potential clientele. They’re not hiring you to be a mom. The only people who are hired to be moms are surrogates.

Stop calling yourself a mompreneur today.

It’s overused, unoriginal, and it doesn’t work. I’ve lurked plenty of service-based business owners out there to see if this strategy helps them at all, and it doesn’t. In fact, it’s driving your clients away from you beacause it has zero meaning.

Here are the three ways to fix it today. 

1. Give an idea of what your value is.

Being a mompreneur is a value proposition, not a business idea. A value proposition is something you have in common with your ideal client, it’s the reason why they like you. That’s not enough to base your business on.

When it comes to your business, you need a value ad. This is how you improve lives and use your brain as a commodity. Momifying this aspect means you care (great!), but also means you take control and hold authority (not for everyone).

2. Stop copy/pasting your marketing.

Simple as that. It’s not working or else you wouldn’t be reading this. You’re basing marketing off failed ideas. You need to have your own specific marketing. Use your own, be original.

3. Get a full marketing plan.

Being a mompreneur is a marketing campaign/value proposition, not a full marketing plan or business idea. When you’re choosing your title, you need to be specific.

“I’m a Business Coach who specializes in teaching you how to make the most out of the 4 hours a day you have (because you have kids)”

That is an actual value ad. They understand what you do and what kind of result you’re going to get them.

No one’s succeeding with the “mom boss” title as their main selling point. When it comes down to it, there are a lot of people out there, messing around and pretending they have a business. Unfortunately you’re now grouped in with those people because you’ve self-proclaimed yourself a mompreneur.

I’m glad your family comes first and you’re doing this for your kids, but it’s not enough for your business to succeed. Don’t tangle the two up, enjoy them seperately.

Change your title to something specific and create a new marketing campaign/launch/email funnel. Use it wisely. You can’t base your whole business around one aspect of your life. Create a more complex marketing method and share your title changes in the comments below. Can’t wait to see what you can come up with!

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