How to Have a Consult Call that Works (and What Doesn’t)

How to Host a Free Call That Turns into Paying Clients

Free calls are rough. There’s a lot of talk of credentials, how awesome you are, repetitive re-iteration, and stilted conversation.

positive start of customized information (Ok, pulling up. We’re not going to crash! LIFE HAS NEVER BEEN SO BEAUTIFUL!) can digress into 3 generic tips, and then a straight up pitch about your services. (That’s it. WE’VE LOST ALTITUDE! Tell my cat I love him!)

That ‘free call’? Costs your possible customer/client money. Yes, that’s right, you’re costing them money by taking up their time.

If you waste your client’s time, it’s like being jizzed on. Not pleasant. The client will not be asking for more of this. 

Here’s how YOU are going to rock the freebie call:

  1. Don’t offer free calls to the world if you’re not going to treat them like ‘real calls’.
  2. Also only offer them to private groups, your newsletter or potential clients only.
  3. Figure out one problem/strategy/situation to focus on during the call.
  4. A totally new lead will need more value given than a well-established lead (someone who reads your blog regularly). The new lead is looking to see if you provide great value to clients, and the established lead is looking to see if you’re the ‘right-fit’ for them. Ask them
  5. Make it valuable (since their time is valuable and they’re exchanging it) by:
    • Offering specific advice on their situation.
    • Setting up one topic to talk about per the call so you both know what it’ll cover.
    • Asking more questions than you talk.
  6. DO NOT assume this person gives a shit about what you do.
  7. Treat it as a ‘paid for’ call, since time is an expensive commodity.
  8. After you’ve offered custom advice, summarize what their areas of help are, and how you could help them.
  9. If they ask for ways to work together, tell them you’ll send them an email detailing the best-fit service for them including prices. (Make pre-made templates for this to cut down on admin time.)
  10. If they don’t ask how to work with you, follow-up with a summary email and a ‘thank you for your time’.
  11. If they don’t take you up on any work, give it a week and send them some relevant content around their problem/situation and a quick note ‘hope this helps’.

I’ve been doing a lot of freebie calls lately and I focus on the best way forward for the client (meaning not necessarily with me) I’ll include the best fit service I can provide them and a couple other potential service providers.

Tell me about your worst consult call! I’d love to grimace with you. 😀

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  • Nope. I don’t do the free call. I might help out a friend who needs a diagnostic but if you want to pick my brain for business advice and I don’t know you, that’s something else. I know it works for a lot of people, I just don’t have time for free. Maybe that will change when the kids are in school all day. HAHAH!

    • That’s cool. Free calls aren’t for everyone. I love hearing from new people because it helps me fine-tune my business better so the free call is a great investment for me.

      hahaha! You dreamer!

      Halley Gray
  • I love free calls because they almost always turn into paying clients. The two most effective strategies that work for me are setting a specific time upfront and letting them talk 80% of the time.

    I may ask one or two open ended questions during the call, and I wait until the last 5-8 minutes to actually consult. When they spend so much time divulging information, they feel like they’ve already made an investment with you. Actually, the more they talk is the more they’re talking themselves INTO working with you because they don’t want to go through another “free call”with someone else and have to repeat their story all over again.

    Halley, these are greattt tips. [PRE-MADE TEMPLATES… NEED THOSE!]