Successful Solopreneur: Shannon Lynberg

 The internet is full of amazing people – you need to get out there and meet them! Shannon and I met on Twitter and share a love of business + traveling. She combines these two awesome passions so that you can travel the world and get paid! Check it out below.

successful solopreneur: shannon Lynberg

Tell us about yourself !

I’m currently traveling and living around the world with my photographer/videographer fiancé. I currently live in Chania, Crete. But for the last two and half months I was living in Istanbul. Starting in March, we’ll be traveling through Israel, Jordan, and then Eastern Europe before we head on over to SE Asia and “settle” in Malaysia for about six months and travel around that side of the world. After that we are heading back the U.S. for a bit for the holidays and our wedding. Then we’ll head down to Central and South America for about six months. After that who knows! We have big plans, but of course, one thing I’ve learned from travel is that plans always change, so even though we have a basic outline of our next few years, our travel schedule may change. That’s the great thing about an adventure!

I started The Life Adventurista in November 2012, because when Eric and I were first making our plans over a year ago, so many people contacted me and told me they wished they could live life the way we are. They just didn’t know how or think it was possible. I’ve spent the last six years teaching women how to start things – grassroots campaigns, nonprofits, and businesses, so I thought why not help more women start a business doing what they love so they can live life with more adventure and freedom. I love this work because it combines all my greatest passions and I love being able to work with so many incredible women.

Why did you create Zero to Adventurista and The Packable Business?

I have two services — Zero to Adventurista and The Packable Business. Zero to Adventurista focuses on helping women bust through the fears that are holding them back from living life to the fullest, identifying their passions/skills, and going after their big dreams. I created Zero to Adventurista, because in my own journey to living life the way I want, I’ve had to do the same. I continue to confront a lot of fears and anxiety, so I know just how crucial it is to creating the life you want. There’s a lot of pressure to live life a certain way, and it can be terrifying to even think about living a life that’s considered outside the box. I want to help women break-free of those conventional norms, go out on their own, and follow their passion.

Then I have the Packable Business, which is a full-on business immersion program, where I work with women to build a business doing what they love that can go with them anywhere in the world. I started The Packable Business, because I’m super passionate about more women starting a business that allows them to be economic drivers. When women are economic drivers they are in a better position to become key decision makers and play an integral role influencing social justice. Plus, when you do the work you love and have freedom to live how you want, the world is a better place.

How does it work from the client’s side?

Once they make their investment to work with me, they receive a questionnaire that helps me get at the heart of who they are, their dreams, and their business idea if they sign up for The Packable Businesses.

I email them back within 48 hours to welcome them and set up their first session. Zero to Adventurista is one session with a follow-up, and The Packable Business is a series of 12 sessions.

Then, they email back with the answers to their questions at least 48 hours before our first session. We have our session. Then they use my feedback, homework, and what we cover in our session to build their Adventurista life and/or Packable Business. In between sessions, they email me when they get stuck or need help. When our work together is done, they have a Packable Business they can take anywhere, and they are well on their way to living their most adventurous life, whatever that means to them!

What goes on in the background when doing the above service/product(what is it like from your perspective as the creator)?

After my clients send back the questionnaire, I get to work brainstorming, researching, and coming up with ideas. I create a tailored action plan for working with them. We have our session, and what we cover really changes from client to client, but we cover different business skills/lessons, brainstorming, lots of fear busting work, and work with them to discover their inner adventurista. Everything I do is grounded in the fact that I want to help the client get to a place where she has a life that provides her with freedom and adventure.

How is it a game-changer for your clients?

Whether I’m working with a client through Zero to Adventurista or The Packable Business, they all report some pretty amazing transformations – from realizing they are courageous and can bust through fears, to realizing they can build a successful business doing what they love. I just wrapped up my first Zero to Adventurista 29 Day Challenge, and it’s been incredible to see women fully acknowledge and address the fears that are preventing them from living life the way they want. They report feeling less anxiety, more confidence, and much more courage to go after what they want, and to build the life they dream of living. It’s really amazing to see the transformations that can happen in such a short period of time.

Why did you become a solo-preneur / small business owner?

I love the freedom. And no matter who you work for, if you work for someone else, you don’t have as much freedom as you do when you work for yourself. I choose when and where I work. I find that when I’m not held to the constraints of 9-5, I am much more creative, innovative, and productive. Here in Crete, we have siesta from 2pm-6pm, most of the shops close down, schools let out, and quiet hours in our apartment go into effect. I’ve started shutting work down at 2pm and even if I don’t actually siesta, I use that time to do things for me, whether it’s reading a book for fun, yoga, soaking up some sun on our balcony, or catching up on my fav TV shows. Then I return back to my work with a renewed focus. I also find that my creativity strikes me at night, so instead of suppressing that, I often work in the evenings. Those are things you just can’t do when you work for someone else.

What  advice would you give those who are just starting out/growing their business online?

Start small, and stop comparing yourself to others. Focus on one thing at a time, and remember that no empire is built overnight. Remind yourself that the people you are comparing yourself to with thousands and thousands of followers, big name interviews, and 6-7 figure businesses have been at it for a lot longer – they were not overnight successes. You’ll make mistakes along the way and try things that don’t work, which will lead you to finding what will work. Keep going, believe in yourself, and find support where you need it!

Is your focus of being a solopreneur being location-independent? Then time to make it happen! Go now to The Life Adventurista and start your new glamorous, profitable life!

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  • I LOVE Shannon and am so inspired by this work she’s doing – it is awesome to see that the two of you have connected. Fabulous interview!

    Allegra Stein
    • Thanks, Allegra! I’m super inspired by your work too! I love how the internet can bring so many people together. :)

      Shannon Lynberg

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