The Key to Charging More For Your Programs (or Services)

The Key to Charging More for Your Services

If you’re like me, you want your courses + programs to continually improve for your clients + customers and get them better and better results. But from your perspective you can’t improve on offer-gold, right?

It’s ok to feel adrift. The only real way to improve your offers is to get your clients’ perspective onboard.

Because if your services are continually improving you can charge more each time.

The key way to get that sweet data?

Feedback forms.

What questions to ask on a feedback form:

(Psst… Make it anonymous feedback.)

  • Ask questions around your technology choices. Is your scheduler pleasing to use for your clients? Was your choice of group conference call tool worthwhile?
  • How was the process on their side? Did they like the group calls voting or find it a pain in the ass?
  • What about face-to-face time with you? Are they getting enough? Do they feel supported +  seen?
  • How’s the group setting? Is the FB group going well? Do they feel like they’re connecting with their peers?
  • What were their expectations?
  • What were their results?
  • What could be done better?
  • What aspects would they rave about to their friends?
  • How would they appreciate suupport going forward?

Now how to use that feedback/data?

  • See if there are any trends in the feedback. Do they all agree they want to connect with each other as a group? Add work calls or pair them up.
  • Find solutions to trouble. Maybe a quarter of clients have trouble with the scheduler, that’s not enough to justify changing the scheduler so find a new set-up process or reminders to help them have a better experience.
  • Highlight what they enjoyed and the results they got from it. If they’re not getting the results promised, update your sales page to be a reflection of that.

Behind the scenes of The League of Business Badasses:

I received wonderful feedback and great ideas for the upcoming round, and I’m adding on these new features/updates:

  • creating work pairs so that working from home isn’t lonely
  • have the twice monthly group calls at the same time/day each month
  • monthly (group only) work calls for the group to get to know each other (sans my face) + work together
  • access to the worksheets + videos after the 6 months are up

What’s also come to light for improvement is my clients’ lives are hectic and they need help with reminders + keeping track of everything. I’m using Satori’s reminder functions to ping them before our sessions to make sure they remember.

What feedback have you gotten that really improved your services? Do you ask for feedback? Why or why not?

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  • Ooh love these improvements for the next round!

    What if you only work with people one-on-one? Is it still possible to ask for anon feedback? (Seems like not.) But if it is… how do you do it without overwhelming the person when you ask for a testimonial? I get my testimonials from my feedback form 🙂

    Nat, Website Superhero
    • If you do both at the same time then I’d say either split them up – anon feedback + testimonial form (at different times) or anon feedback and then star when they email you with praise/results and turn it into a testimonial that they can approve/edit/begin with.

      You can cut down on the overwhelm by letting them know not to overthink it and that you just need their first instincts.

      Halley Gray