“The Secret” as a Business and Success Strategy

The Secret as a Business Strategy

Canvas sails snapping, jewel-quality azure water lapping at the hull and MBAs chatting about the best strategy to run a watch.

I spent my vacation week on a tall ship observing MBAs trying to spreadsheet the shit outta something they’ve never done before. It was fascinating to watch super-smart people get dumped into an environment where they weren’t allowed answers and had to figure everything out for themselves including: how do you set the mains’l? why the hell is it spelled ‘mains’l’ when it’s called ‘mainsail’? how do you deploy a neuston tow? why should we care about the petri dish full of gross krill sashimi?

It was a lot like watching new business owners learn everything about running and marketing a business.

And you know what they didn’t do?

They didn’t sit there and consume a gig of inspirational jpegs to help themselves feel better and feel like they could succeed.

They methodically put into place a process, got help assessing if it worked, how to do it better, and got introspective about how they could be better leaders.

They got their hands callused, they ‘donated’ to Neptune and bruised their asses falling down ladders.

No one created Instagram tiles with fluff sayings to pass around.

No one used The Secret to manifest a better result.

And no way should you.

The Secret and positive thinking are not a business building and success strategy.

You wanna feel good about your business? Improve your sales page writing skills, learn how to run an A/B test, reach out to previous clients to see how they’re doing, start a blog party – DO SOMETHING.

Because action trumps feelings every time.

And once you see your progress? You’re going to feel pretty swell.

What are you going to DO today to feel good about your business?

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  • HA I love this so much! Gonna pass it around 🙂

    Nat, Website Superhero
  • Ha! Love it…what a great exercise for those MBAs – and super lesson for us 🙂

    • They were truly fascinating to watch. All logic, reason and data.

      Halley Gray
  • Halley! That was a kick in the butt! You are so right and so in my line of thinking right now. I was just completing my morning routine and outlining next business steps when I decided to read something inspirational. I love that this is what I found. Upward and onward.

    Susaye Rattigan
    • Susaye!
      I’m so glad I could bust ahead of all the inspirational gigs. 😀

      Halley Gray

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