The Top Five Mistakes on Your Sales Page

The Top 5 Mistakes on Your Sales Page

If you got into torpor every time the internet says ‘marketing’ I’m here to shake you awake (and give you sugar water).

Marketing is your business’ circulatory system and you can’t move new clients through if it’s not working for you right.

What is marketing?

It’s all the stuff you do to promote and sell your services online.

  • Blog posts
  • Tweets, IG posts, Pins, Snapchat updates
  • Webinars
  • Following up with potential clients via email
  • Talking to friends about your new services
  • Sending postcards to your past clients
  • YouTube tutorials
  • Welcome emails
  • Sales pages

What does marketing do?

Marketing convinces people to give a shit and galvanize them to buy your services. Click To Tweet

Marketing when done right:

  • Gets you booked out with clients months in advance (and who are happy to wait).
  • Grows your newsletter so you have right fit potential clients reading your emails.
  • Lands new guest posting and speaking gigs without you pitching them.
  • Creates five figures from a few blog posts and a sales page.

You have a service that does okay when you sell it through discovery or consult calls but no clients are buying through your website and its sales page. That’s a big sign that your sales page isn’t pulling its weight. Your sales page can generate 9 new clients in 72 hours or five figures if you have the right words and set-up on it.

My favorite way of seeing this in action? Is that you can generate new clients by *just* updating your sales page.

Here’s what my past clients and sales page customers experienced when they changed it up:

After taking Halley’s Sales Page E-Course, I launched a one-day online workshop and sold out in the first 24 hours! I’m so thrilled. Knowing Halley has my back makes it much easier to take business risks—and so many of the risks have led to big success.

After taking Halley’s Sales Page E-Course, I launched a one-day online workshop and sold out in the first 24 hours!
I’m so thrilled.

Sinclair Sexsmith

I sold out my last course using the sales page writing technique Halley shares. It’s the bees patella’s!

It’s the bees patella’s!

I sold out my last course using this sales page writing technique.

Win, meet, Win.

One big thing to note before we get started, ALL of the words on your website should sound like you're talking to a friend ESPECIALLY your sales pages. When you get formal (and you've been casual this whole time), you sound mega-awkward. The more natural your speech the more effective your marketing.

Your sales page should read like a letter to a friend who really wants your help and advice. Click To Tweet

Here are the top five reasons your sales pages isn't making you five figures:

1. No clear problem
Your service or product or piece of art solves a problem. Lead by letting people know you understand what their problem is, "You struggle to eat well while traveling on the road."
"Doing a handstand makes you curl up in fear."
"Your partner has made you mad for the 10,000 time."
Example from one of my sales pages:

Tip #1: Use your client's 'fuck this shit' moment to grab their attention

2. No effective testimonials.
No one is reading your 4 paragraph testimonials, cut them down to 2 sentences max and focus on the results you got them. This means they're scannable and easy to digest. The less overwhelm the more time readers will spend on your sales page.

My sales page testimonials:

Tip #2: Testimonials need to be short and sweet

3. No big buy now buttons.
My clients like to show me their buttons (tee hee). A big red (or orange) button is proven to get more clicks than any other color. Meaning that that pretty mauve or soothing blue has got to jet now! Make it custom, clear and a stand out/contrasting color. Read how to do that here. 

What it looks like in the wild:

Tip 3: big ass buy now buttons are key for getting more sales

4. No clear process. 
What happens when your customer clicks the "buy now" button? Make sure to include the process in the copy like, "Step 1: click the red 'buy now' button. Step 2: pay via Paypal..."

Here's what it looks like:

Tip #4: what happens after you take their money? Let them know

5. No sidebar.
You need to keep your reader's focus so if you give them the opportunity to click anything BUT your buy now button they probs will. We all have the attention of cracked out hamsters nowadays so keep the only option buying. Get rid of any sidebars or opt-ins on your sales page.

Here's what my full sales page looks like (no side-bar or opt-ins in sight):

The fundamentals of a sales page that makes five to six figures

Surprised by the brevity of the sales page? Yeah short and sweet doesn't only apply to espresso. The sales page is your closer, your sales person who comes in and wraps up all the loose ends.

If it takes a long time to close, it increases your likelihood of losing your sale. Click To Tweet

You want to give them the important information so that buying is easy.

  1. Verify that they're the right person/this is the right thing for them.
  2. Clarify what they get from giving you their money and what happens.
  3. Give them the first step to securing your services in an easy way.
  4. Show that you get results and that other people have bought your package.
Your sales page can't EDUCATE, and EXCITE people about your services, but it can secure sales. Click To Tweet

That's how you can morph your current sales page into a killer one.

Show me your sales page! Link in the comments below and I'll give you a couple tips/tell you which one of these tips applies to you.

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  • Great Tips!

    Kimber Lee
  • Good article and I completely agree on the red button thing.

    Getting some people out of the mind set of that article that they read 5 years ago can be really difficult. A lot of people latch on to one article, headline or sound byte and convince themselves that’s the only possible way of doing things.

    I always tell people that you can only go so far copying others. It’s always good to learn best practices because it’s the only way that you’ll be able to improve on them. What works for one person in their specific situation is not always applicable to your situation. If it were that easy, we’d all just read the blue print and be instantly successful.

    Harold Mansfield
  • Hello,
    Thank you for this article, Halley. I do have one problem though.. How the hell do you get testimonials when you are just starting out!?!!? They say having testimonials is a number one trust factor, but am just starting out and only had one client. Which btw, don’t know if it went well… So, how would you suggest I go about this?
    Your feedback will be very much appreciated.

    Brendah Akoth
    • Ask that one client anyway!! Even if it’s not something you can use on your sales page, it’s at least feedback you can learn from and use to step up your game.
      Honestly, even without the testimonials, it’s better to just get your website out into the wild for people to see 🙂

      Brittany Blumenfeld

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