Why Your Services Will Always be Wanted (and 5 Myths)


People ask me about how to create consistent income that doesn’t put them at risk for failure.

I tell them, “unicorn farming”.


I say the LEAST RISKY form of making money online FAST is by offering services.

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Services will ALWAYS be wanted because your clients want your unique gray matter on the job vs trying to learn it themselves.

Let me repeat so that sinks in “SERVICES WILL ALWAYS BE WANTED.”

No one wants to spend thousands of dollars or years and years to learn everything they need to know to have a successful business/body/relationship.

They want someone who knows what they’re doing and has gotten results for others to tell them what to do.

Which is how you can have consistent income online with the following caveat:

  • you need to engineer an excellent client experience.
  • you need to have strategic and effective marketing.
  • you need to be skilled at what you do.

Take a look at the order of that, I put deliberately put your skill level at the very bottom. No one cares how brilliant you are if you never deliver the copy/design/taxes. No one will notice you if you’re marketing isn’t on point and effective. No one will hire you again if you make them feel like shit as your client.

All three of these need to be up and running to get you booked out and stablize your income. Luckily I have something for you.

Here are 5 myths about making money with services (online and in real life) that you need to punch in the balls now:

  1. Your client will be happy if you just do the work.

Yeah, fuck no. Your clients aren’t just paying you for paperwork they’re paying you for an experience. Make them FEEL great about working with you by engineering an excellent client experience. 

2. Working for yourself means variable income FOREVER.

Nope, nope, nope. You can strategically fill up your client spots so that you take control of your client-load (and income). You need to take control of your business and the first place is by getting strategic about your marketing

3. Your services work independently of each other.

You should have three packages on your website that sell not just themselves but also each other. If you only have one you’re losing sales and stopping major growth. Plus your packages should always be custom and targeted so that they work together to sell you as a whole. 

4. Your website is about you.

Nothing in your business is about you. Not the trolls, not your About page, and not your sales. Your website is about your target client (or clients) and it better feel like goddamn home for them. This is how you put the client-getting process on automatic. Make your website about them.

5. You need a large list to make decent money.

You can make 40-80k+ with a small list because services aren’t based on audience size they’re based on new growth and using those new contacts to bring in more work. When I polled my FB group the majority of them said making this much from their services would mean:

  • Freedom from 9-5
  • Long weekends with kids and friends
  • Mid-day naps
  • Saving money and traveling

We can make this happen.

You need more than just your delicious brains to make this work, you need a method that works no matter what industry you’re in, no matter your audience size, and you can use again and again. 

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  • True to potty-mouth fashion, plus incredible insight! My morning is made.

    #3 is an eye-opener for me. That’s a different way to look at it – that your services support each other and support your profile as well. It helps to be conscious of that when creating landing pages and writing the copy. Thankss lady!


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