You’re Booked Out… Now What?

I'm booked out six months in advance!

Last week, something big happened.

I GOT BOOKED OUT TWELVE MONTHS IN ADVANCE! (Pure excitement caps, not angry caps.)

I am intoxicated with happy. Overwhelmed with glee. Drenched in contentment.

Plus I had my first 10k month (and it’s not even done)! (Cue excited flailing of arms with amour propre.)

After buying myself a small present for hitting one of my biggest goals (and one for doing my first stand up gig):

Gifts for hitting goals

I looked around and thought…

‘Andddddd now what?’

What do you do when your ever-present quest for clients is sorted till 2015?

Observations come to light:

My clients are my biggest priority.

I want to bear hug each and every one of my clients. The first thing I wanna do when I wake up is open my emails because it’s like I’m stepping into a full blown party. My clients have always been my #1 priority but making this business work financially? That was taking away a lot of energy from focusing on my clients. NOW I AM A LASER BEAM OF BRILLIANCE UNFETTERED BY ANY CORNERS. Bonus: I can work on creating better and better client systems!

I don’t have any hobbies.

Now that I can cut back on my ‘getting clients’ hours, I’ve got a lot of free time… super free… even void time. My previous hobbies have withered. A life outside my business? Terrifying thought. But I’m working on it – I’ve started doing stand up and am two weeks away from finishing C25K.

Being able to budget has made me 1,000% less stressed.

I no longer wake up at 2:36am with my brain shaking me awake and screaming, ‘how are we going to pay for gin and toilet paper – the bare necessities?!!? Are you awake?!?!’. I have a budget, paid off debt, and feel like a boulder has been rolled off my chest.

Focus on creating the products/services in my head.

There are three products – a magazine about getting your first client, a content marketing course on how to sell anything, and a sales page kit – waiting for me to start/finish them. Time to get creating! This is a great time to make products since I have a wait-list.

New technology for the business. 

Oohhh podcasting microphone! And soon I will have a sexy new laptop to caress. MY PRECIOUSSSS.

All in all, being booked out so far is PHENOMENAL. I’ve gone from being reactive to being proactive, taken big steps in my financial goals, and made a lot of headway in becoming a better person in and out of business.


What has being booked out made you realize about your business/life/clients?

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  • wooop! i am shaking my poms for you!
    love how you walk your talk lady.

    and (thanks so much to you) i know that there is nothing like the moment you realise that you are in business – you really have something sustainable and properly brilliant!

    *adult level unlocked*


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